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The time has come for Anime Boston to start announcing its guests for its upcoming expo, and did they start off with a bang! In one fell swoop, next year's convention has become the one to be at, as legendary Japanese pop rockers Puffy

The Chicago Cubs finally rid themselves of their World Series curse thanks to Bill Murray, while King Baby Duck looks at the new BBC America show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. All bets are off for best dumb anime of 2016, as

The attendees at this past weekend's Another Anime Convention were filled with tons of style and wondrous detail. Walking around the Raddison Hotel, we were immensely impressed with the hard work and creativity many of these attendees brought to the outfits

After doing his best to welcome in the tourists to his area, King Baby Duck gets excited over the news of a Babymetal cartoon being green-lit into production. A new Senran Kagura game is announced, with a teaser pic leaving

Returning from the Boston Festival of Indie Games, King Baby Duck implores the award-givers out there to consider the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds documentary One More Time With Feeling when it comes time to hand out the statues. More

It may sound crazy, but this summer's hottest TV program isn't Preacher or Stranger Things, nor is it even an anime. Nay, that honor goes to the most epic and action-packed series quite possibly of the year: Thunderbolt Fantasy. Here's the

King Baby Duck¬†gives a high recommendation for the Netflix film The Little Prince, while still lamenting over the fact that it didn't get the proper theatrical release it deserved. Revisiting Lucky‚ėÜStar¬†shows that the series hasn't aged as well as it

King Baby Duck starts off this week's show on a more serious note regarding Bloomylight Studios before introducing TheDCD and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming, as they get excited about Rick & Morty airing in Japan. The discussion from Hell gets

If there's one word to describe the finale to Michonne's mini-series, it's "intense." The cards have been laid out, the chips are all thrown in, and the stakes are as high as ever. With the final call made, "What We

The folks¬†behind the worlds of Dofus and Wakfu invade the B3 realm! King Baby Duck welcomes¬†Ankama's Lead Character¬†Designer¬†Kim "Tch√ī" Ettinoff,¬†the¬†Communications & Marketing Manager Pauline¬†Guillemant, and¬†the lead storyboard artist for Season Three of Wakfu Fafah Togura, as they chat about¬†the process of