The bad news: King Baby Duck and AFLM forgot to press the record button the first go-around with this episode. The good news: JonStar could finally make it! Hear what happened after the first muck-up, and the things KBD added

It's cartoons and anime galore in this week's Duck Amuck in Japan, as King Baby Duck experiences three special exhibitions. The bad news: you can't go to the Frieren and Sgt. Frog ones at Sunshine City he talks about. However,

Misread band names? Cute crocodiles? Pandas doing stuff?! An overpacked anime season?!! It's all in a day's work on Duck Amuck in Japan! A plethora of topics are on the table on this week's show! King Baby Duck talks about

King Baby Duck isn't the one traversing this time, nor is it AFLM. Nay, it's our very special guest Ladybeard! Hear about his and his BABYBEARD partners-in-crime's time at this year's Anime Boston! The travel, the sights, the long flight,

Visions of Dr. Mario run through King Baby Duck's head, as he and JonStar chat about the other Tetris clones that they could be champions of. But of course, this is not what this episode of Duck Amuck in Japan

EliteFourDerek returns to the Duck Amuck in Japan fold, as he shares what he's discovered in Florida. But then, the gang looks back at the legacy of Akira Toriyama, who passed away this month. Hear how even their tangents somehow

It's a whole lot of random on this week's Duck Amuck in Japan, with topics ranging from award shows and metal concerts to art galleries and cute gyarus! But first, King Baby Duck shares an incident that made him feel

From Suicide Girls and Powerpuff Girls collaborations to virtual gamings and starting their own record label, TsuShiMaMiRe have accomplished a lot! Now King Baby Duck sits down with the art punk trio to talk all about their last 25 years.

For six years, King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar have had horse girls on their minds. Now, the head of Duck Amuck in Japan bears witness to Uma Musume: Pretty Derby in-person! Hear about the recent live event, and what

Another teacher comes to the roundtable, as the Duck Amuck in Japan crew welcome singer Kani Crabb to the show! Hear about his experiences living and working in Japan, as well as his a music career and his OTHER part-time