May 2024

Ten seconds is all you have to live. The only way to stay alive is to appease your streamers. And the best way to keep them entertained is to keep on killing. A hint of what the future holds? Who

Since 2018, the Uma Musume franchise has conquered mobile gaming, the anime scene, and even the occasional idol concert realm in Japan. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cygames would aim to bring those horse girls to the

At first, I thought the true story of Fist of the North Star had ended. Kenshiro had reunited with Yuria, and the two lived out the rest of her life in peace. But as we all know, just because one

There's an old soul coming out of Scotland's Boulder Fields. Maybe it once belonged to Warren Zevon, or perhaps it's a remnant from the era of troubadours. Wherever it originated, there's a beauty to it that calls to pathways of

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes dreams crumble, and the only thing we can do is pick ourselves up and find a new passion in life. Thus far, Hiroto — our first main character in Keigo Shingo’s Hirayasumi —

If I had a hundred yen every time I got lost in Ikebukuro or Shinjuku Station, I’d quit my job and live out a nice early retirement. Alas, that ain’t the case. But KOTAKE CREATE’s The Exit 8 makes me

So it has finally come down to this. After years of suffering, Taiyo Asano has a chance to get closure revolving around his family’s death. With the aid of the Yozakuras, who have their own reasons for this current infiltration,

Over three years have gone by since we last saw the boys of Karasuno High. In the midst of the next big volleyball tournament, Hinata, Kageyama, and the rest of the team were preparing for their next round against Nekoma

It's cartoons and anime galore in this week's Duck Amuck in Japan, as King Baby Duck experiences three special exhibitions. The bad news: you can't go to the Frieren and Sgt. Frog ones at Sunshine City he talks about. However,

A great storyteller can’t be a master right out of the gate. If you wish to become a pro, one must practice and learn from the style of others. Akane-banashi may already have our heroine be good at the art