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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 143 | Boulder Fields

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 143 | Boulder Fields

There's an old soul coming out of Scotland's Boulder Fields. Maybe it once belonged to Warren Zevon, or perhaps it's a remnant from the era of troubadours. Wherever it originated, there's a beauty to it that calls to pathways of tall grain fields and bountiful forests. The recent song "Wipe Out The Stars" is a lullaby to the weary, whereas lead track "Measures" recaptures the energy of a sunny day. These are but hints of the new album With All the Other Ghosts (arriving on June 14), which aims to reflect on frontman Cam Fraser's punk days. But now, the first ghost has made its presence known via Boulder Fields's Shameless Tuesdays playlist!

Here's what Boulder Fields have to say about this week's playlist:

I’ve been writing and playing music for a long time and I seem to have spent all that time without feeling I was part of any recognisable genre. Despite being swept up in punk rock as a teenager, I still loved Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. I spent years in a Scottish sort-of-grungy, kinda-punky band that owed as much to Neil Young & Crazy Horse and The Byrds as The Clash and The Buzzcocks. As a result, I never really felt like I fully belonged in a musical tribe.

I’m a rubbish fan, my tastes jump all over the place. I never sit down and learn other people’s songs or work out how they play guitar. Instead, I just tend to stumble upon artists, albums or tracks that excite and inspire me. I’ve come to realise these are like signposts to a new direction for where I’m trying to go with my own music. These are just a very small selection of artists and tracks from across a lifetime that have been beyond valuable to me in steering my music, making my heart beat faster and firing up my imagination.

As it turns out, at this late stage, I think I might have finally found out where I belong. Think of this as an indie-Americana playlist. At last, a label I could live with. Maybe that’s where I’ve always belonged… I’m indie-Americana to the bone.

For more information on Boulder Fields, visit their official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out a preview of With All the Other Ghosts below via their Bandcamp!

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