King Baby Duck has had a bad two weeks, but his turmoil is overshadowed by the loss of the iconic Norm Macdonald. His spirits are lifted when he talks about the Netflix film Kate, as well as the new Steve

If you listened to a Pas Musique, and thought that aliens were trying to communicate through their sounds, well I can't say I'd blame you! The NYC-based quartet are masters of creating the most unworldly of melodies, as evident by

After reuniting with his Wicked Anime pals, King Baby Duck throws nothing but praise for the new Netflix anime series EDENS ZERO! KonoSuba gets into the gacha game market, but with surprisingly good results. Lastly, instead of A Bastard's Soapbox,

As the fire crackles, the sounds of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir fills the sky alongside the inferno's smoke. Their latest album,

After saying a good ole FU to the anti-vaxxers of the world, King Baby Duck talks about the latest DC Cinematic Universe film The Suicide Squad! Sony buys Crunchyroll, with many good scenarios that can follow. Lastly, on "A Bastard's

The Mystery Plan can sometimes be a tough band to categorize. Sometimes they like to keep things jazzy, and in other occasions they can get as weird as The Flaming Lips. On their sixth album You Also Have Eyes, even

After giving a video game recommendation, King Baby Duck finds some excitement in the new film Blood Red Sky, with the help of an unlikely protagonist. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop reminds us of all the sweet things in

The world's in chaos, there's nonstop corruption, and we all need to do something about it. That about sums up The Great Leap Forward's new album Revolt Against An Age of Plenty, but that's still oversimplifying it. The side project

King Baby Duck returns well-rested after a much-needed vacation, but is greeted by a shell of his childhood: Space Jam: A New Legacy! Valve announces the Steam Deck, but our host is skeptical about its possible success. Plus, on this

When I think of what "the sound" of the 2020s should be, what FLDPLN (pronounced "field plan") offers is the answer. The side project of Sway frontman Andrew Saks, the mixture of electronica, synthwave, and jazz brings the finest neon