Sometimes there's beauty to be found even in the foggiest of areas. Brighton's Collect Call embraces that cloudiness with their mellow music and Thom Yorke-like vocals. The solo project of producer Joseph Thorpe, Collect Call puts the "chill" in the

Now with Japan all taken care of, King Baby Duck sets his sights on the rest of the world in his final 2021 best-of show! From metal legends and party kings to one-man bands and fiery brooders, our list this

The Japanese music scene had its ups and downs, but even through the rubble, King Baby Duck found the best albums the Land of the Rising Sun had to offer. From pop and rock to jazz, our host counts down

It’s not every day when anime conventions are given the chance to showcase a popular series’s soundtrack live. My Hero Academia is one anime that has a plethora of styles in its score, from simple piano and raucous ska to

Vtubers have taken over the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From Kizuna Ai to Project Melody, these virtual stars have found their way into the hearts of fans all over the world. No one knows this more than

The world of anime delivered us plenty of bangers in their openings and endings in 2021! King Baby Duck looks back at the best songs from the shows we loved! From CreepyPasta adventurers and toyed senpais to lovebirds and burnt-out

The holidays are here, and King Baby Duck has a seat next to a warm roaring fire with your name on it! It's nonstop holiday fun as No Borders No Race gets into the festive spirit! Nearly two dozen songs

Humor and electronica music can go hand-in-hand in many ways. Artists like Scooter and Fatboy Slim relish on hearty silliness while delivering some amazing beats that'll make anyone dance nonstop. Britain's SPRAY know this well, as they have crafted fantastic

King Baby Duck is just days away from Anime NYC 2021, but he's got something to talk about before he heads out. And that thing, well, it winds up taking up every single segment of this week's No Borders No

With every note sung, Providence's Jenn Vix tackles the demons hidden in the darkness and one's self. Her latest single "PTSD" is as personal as a song can be, as she takes on the hardships of dealing with an illness