King Baby Duck is excited to see some of his favorite bands before leaving Japan. He's also irked over the ones who are finally coming, but after his big move! But he's got a lot of great things to talk

Junior high school is that time where one starts a finding their true selves. It’s a strange in-between place, where you are constantly conflicted between acting like a kid or an “adult”. But everyone has gone through this, from the

If there's one thing Nevaris is good at, it's getting a feel-good vibe going. And considering that rock legend Carlos Santana proclaimed them as "a work of supreme creativity", you can bet that the sounds he creates will make your

King Baby Duck may be putting No Borders No Race on indefinite hiatus soon, but there's still work to be done! Netflix's Agent Elvis lets the King of Rock & Roll show off his kung fu skills, while Otaku Elf

The sounds of Portugal are growing stronger by the day, and Lusitanian Ghosts is one band from there that's making joyful noise wherever they go. With a new album due out later this year, the band is prepping their listeners

After two conventions back-to-back, King Baby Duck is ready for a normal No Borders No Race episode. Hear what The Super Mario Bros. Movie got right about the legendary video game franchise, and what makes The Dangers in My Heart

Jody and the Jerms is a flashback to a time when rock & roll was evolving into a different beast. They're part Bangles, part New Power Generation, and all a feel-good time! Wonder, the latest album from the band, dives

PAX East 2023 work is done, but King Baby Duck is still deep in his work for Anime Boston! So today, he's spinning some songs from classic and current anime! From the Lovely Angels and Spike Spiegel to a gender-changing

The real world and virtual space come head-to-head when Mari Dangerfield takes the mic. Her latest album Love And Other Machines embraces a world of robotic romance and computer screen emotions. Even with humanity glued to their phones, Dangerfield is

PAX East 2023 has come and gone, but King Baby Duck is still working hard on its coverage! (Well, actually, at the time of this recording, he was preparing for the con!) At any rate, today's No Borders No Race