The spirit of the olden days runs fast through the veins of Wild Remedy. The Canadian folk trio's latest EP Songs From Home has that barnyard vibe running within its five tracks. From the skipping and hopping "Home Song" and

It's a plethora of live shows and anime on this week's episode of Duck Amuck in Japan! King Baby Duck reports on the 25th Anniversary show of TsuShiMaMiRe, and sees both ASAKA and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra live. Speaking of

It's been many a moon since Pas Musique has graced the presence of Shameless Tuesdays. His alien-like sound continues to hypnotize listeners, with a new album coming out on July 16 called Come Follow Me. A preview of the new

It's been three weeks since the last Duck Amuck in Japan, so a lot's happened! For starters, JonStar bought a house, and King Baby Duck witnessed a last-minute Ginger Root concert in Shibuya. But it's AFLM that had a heck

No matter the circumstances, family is family. Even if you’re the frontman of a Satanic metal band, there’s always room in your black heart for your loved ones. JP Ahonen’s web comic Belzebubs has becoming something of a phenomenon, spawning

Since 1996, History of Guns have taken their listeners through a gateway of black lights and spirals. Their seventh album Half Light (out on June 20th) returns to the roots of their debut record Flashes of Light, bringing forth hypnotic

The bad news: King Baby Duck and AFLM forgot to press the record button the first go-around with this episode. The good news: JonStar could finally make it! Hear what happened after the first muck-up, and the things KBD added

There's an old soul coming out of Scotland's Boulder Fields. Maybe it once belonged to Warren Zevon, or perhaps it's a remnant from the era of troubadours. Wherever it originated, there's a beauty to it that calls to pathways of

Listening to Two Headed Horse is like taking a carriage ride through the old countryside. Things have aged with both grace and decay, as a calm and peaceful feeling engulfs your very soul. Their latest single "Shimmer" brings that level

Misread band names? Cute crocodiles? Pandas doing stuff?! An overpacked anime season?!! It's all in a day's work on Duck Amuck in Japan! A plethora of topics are on the table on this week's show! King Baby Duck talks about