A Seal Team brings chaos, even when protecting the world; a Seal Party brings the funk, no matter the mood! The San Francisco-based R&B outfit fills their sounds with horns, church organs, and choirs of soulful singers backing their melodies.

No Borders No Race returns after a month, as King Baby Duck talks about Anime Boston and his upcoming Japan trip! The Orville finally returns, with an episode dealing with a heart-wrenching situation. The Kids in the Hall are back,

From a galaxy far, far away come The Keplerians. They arrive not only to make peace, but also to share their sound to those with a curious ear. Their latest intergalactic work arrives via the EP Spaceship Earth, and in

In the deepest parts of outer space, a message beams out from the stars. Who is it calling out to, and what is its purpose? Turns out, it just so happens to originate from Dublin via electronica artist Circuit3. Landing

He's spoken about her since late 2019, and today she finally makes an appearance. King Baby Duck welcomes Cultural Exchange Initiative founder Mikiyo Hattori, who shares her story on how she created the organization. Plus, hear about CEI's collaborations with

OTHERED sails on a sea of turmoil, vengeance, and wisdom. The duo of KnightressM1's Emily Palen and Specimen Box's Henry Austin Lannan, their mixture of a classical essence with metallic vibes bring forth a sound that'd shakes the grounds of

King Baby Duck has plenty of reasons why he's kind of half-assing today's No Borders No Race, ranging from PAX East recovery to a family wedding. But he does share some news regarding an upcoming Showa Boston event, as well

It's easy to make friends in Ireland, especially if you've got a song in your heart. The quintet Friendmaker have the knack to bring people together in harmony, thanks in part to their powerful indie rock songs and epic vocals.

The sounds of Fate and Sword Art Online will be hitting Anime Boston 2022, as the convention welcomes J-POP artist ASCA as their first Japanese guest! ASCA made her professional debut in November 2017 with the single “KOE,” the second closing

King Baby Duck starts things off with a big congrats to his Black Compat comrade-in-arms on the latest episode! Moon Knight gets weird in all of the right ways, while Ya Boy Kongming! brings one hell of a twist on