Despite what he promised in the previous episode, King Baby Duck delivers another irregular show with a big heart & message! Our host welcomes Punks For Autism founder Steve Lombardo, who shares with us the inspiration behind the creation of

Léanie Kaleido has always had the power of music to help her through the day. Whether it was blaring Ride or PJ Harvey for all to hear or hearing the strumming of a guitar from her father (and original Yardbirds member) Top Topham, Kaleido

With the recent rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans, King Baby Duck gives his mic over to a few members of the community. Hear from Dame Scarlet Aznable, Ryan Omega, A. "Jinnie" McManus, and Carmillo Jo as they talk

Ruth Blake has the kind of voice that can calm the mightiest of storms. With a vocal range that can only be described as "fairy tale-like", the Midlands-based performer nestles every tune close to her heart with motherly care. Her latest single

King Baby Duck says it's time to play the music and light the lights, as The Muppet Show makes it grand return on Disney+! After reviewing Waifu Uncovered, our host discusses why video games rated "Adults Only" should have a

Within The Academy of Sun, frontman Nick Hudson can be something of a showstopper in a dark musical escapade; on his own, his talents will pull any listener into a whirlwind of emotions! Arriving on April 30th, his latest solo album

After lamenting on a year without conventions or any good social interaction, King Baby Duck gets the warm fuzzies over the anime rom-com Horimiya. Some wonderful fantasy arrives on Disney via The Owl House, which could be a nice alternative

Their latest EP may be titled The Really Not Good Times, but it's impossible not to feel joyful when listening to Arsenic Tea Party. Taking cues from the likes of The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Mr. Bungle, and Tub Ring, the Michigan-based

King Baby Duck may be fully vaccinated, but that doesn't mean he's going to let loose without any safety precautions. This week, our host looks at the new Netflix series Lupin, which takes an interesting twist on the beloved book series.

Para Lia may be based near Berlin, but their sound is straight out of Boston's golden age of indie rock. It's clear that the influences of The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. are burnt onto Rene and Cindy Merther's fingers, as evident by