King Baby Duck is just about recovered from COVID, which is good because he needs the energy to discuss what's on No Borders No Race! HBO Max's Velma is universally hated, with our host sharing some recommendations for better cartoons

Deep within Montclair, New Jersey resides Elk City, a band who weave dreams into cool melodies. Since the turn of the century, drummer/producer Ray Ketchem and vocalist/artist Renée LoBue have delivered a laid-back sound that knows how to recharge the

King Baby Duck tried his very best to avoid it, but COVID finally got him! Although he's recovered, he still needs a breather from it. Hence why this week's No Borders No Race is all about the music. However, he

You'd be forgiven if you heard Gramercy Arms's "Yesterday's Girl", and think that you've stumbled upon a lost Tom Petty track. With Dave Derby and Renée Lo Bue's dual vocals, the love song could've easily fit on 1989's Full Moon

2023 may be here, but King Baby Duck is going back a few days to look at the best that Japan had to offer in 2022! From pop to metal, a plethora of genres are showcased in this year's best-of

B3 gets a little Aussie and kawaii, as King Baby Duck welcomes to the show the icon Ladybeard! After talking about 2022 and holiday plans, the bearded one shares his history on how he came to Japan, alongside his wrestling

Despite her influence on The Velvet Underground, rarely anyone brings up the muse known as Nico. Indie rock legend Chris Connelly aims to change that, on his double LP album Eulogy to Christa: A Tribute to the Music & Mistique

2022 gave us many phenomenal albums, but nothing wowed King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar quite like Fellowship's debut album The Saberlight Chronicles. Today, the trio welcomes to the show lead singer Matthew Corry to bestow Fellowship the title of

Our look back at 2022 continues, as King Baby Duck counts down the very best records released throughout the entire world (sans Japan, of course)! From masked country singers and evil popes to folk punk heroes, No Borders No Race

The Wickies are making their grand return on December 28th (click here to vote!), and King Baby Duck prepares for the awards show by spinning some of his favorite anisongs of the year! From My Dress-Up Darling and Call of