Be it via their music or even their online chronicles, Ireland's Keeley seeks answers for one of their country's darkest mysteries. The questions they ask involve a strange murder from 1988, involving German tourist Inga Maria Hauser. As the case

The concert scene is back, and King Baby Duck's wallet is crying over how many shows are happening all at once! Fortunately, Dame Scarlet Aznable of Scarlet Rhapsody helps take his mind off of his financial woes with a review

Even a mighty river has its calm places, where the water flows heavily yet quietly. That sort of imagery comes to mind when I listen to Caulbearers, a Manchester-based project created by musical Damien Mahoney. While the lyrical elements are

Ten years ago today, Canadian hardcore punk rock band Fucked Up unleashed their third album David Comes To Life. Not only would this album be consideredĀ our pick forĀ best album of 2011, but would take the top spot of the greatest

It's a mixture of happiness and sorrow on today's episode of No Borders No Race. On the joyful side, King Baby Duck congratulates The Linda Lindas on their huge break, and finds plenty to laugh at in the new Spongebob

Finland is home to many genres, be it from the blackest of metal to

After throwing praise at the latest chapter of Fucked Up's Zodiac series, King Baby Duck finds plenty of love for the new movie The Mitchells Vs. The Machines! However, he feels the complete opposite about J.C.Staff's anime adaptation of the

How does one encapsulate everything that Dope Sagittarius brings to the table? In one moment, they can be in your face spitting truths and atrocities; the next moment, they're caressing your cheek as they put you under a spell. One

Don't worry folks, this is a very normal episode of No Borders No Race

With the power of street performer wanting their voice to be heard by the world, Distant Voices explode with glee on their 2021 debut album Long Road to Home. Quite possibly the most exciting new act from Britain since Arctic