With echoes of Celtic Wiccan magic, Ronan Conroy gives even the dead a reason to dance. His upcoming album The Slow Death of the LoveMyth (in stores October 21) blows in like a cold wind itching to get warm by

King Baby Duck realizes that there are many more stories about his Japan trip he never told, but decides to wait another day to reveal more. After all, there's a lot to talk about when Wicked Anime's Security Guy Greg

It was on June 5, 2018 when Shameless Tuesdays first hit the Boston Bastard Brigade. A collaboration with Shameless Promotion PR, this segment served as a means to promote indie artists in a different way. On top of giving these

King Baby Duck makes his grand return from the Land of the Rising Sun, and he's got plenty of stories to tell! Hear all about his work with the Cultural Exchange Initiative, alongside the great things about the town of

Toronto might be a very nice city, but its music scene is twice -- maybe thrice -- as wild as anything an America town could conjure. So when you have past members of such acts as Danko Jones, Acid Test,

Within the melancholy of Jessie Kilguss's voice is a beacon of hope. Although she sings of losing everything in a fire in "Sleepwalking Heart", she nonetheless finds the urge to persevere through the rough parts of life. "Great White Shark"

It's long, thick, and full of many great discussions! All of it is perfect for No Borders No Race's 300th episode! King Baby Duck welcomes Wicked Anime's AFLM, JonStar, Security Guy Greg, and The League's Clay N. Ferno as they

Even in a foggy gaze, Weimar just wants to cut the floor. On their debut album Dancing On A Volcano, the grooves they create transcend between B-52's-like new wave and Spanish tango. It results in a record that itches to

The Boston Bastard Brigade and Anime Herald chat with J-POP and Anisong performer ASCA at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about her musical inspirations, the unvisited genres she wishes to dabble in, and what motivates her when she performs! http://www.bostonbastardbrigade.com/podcast/ab2022/AB2022ASCA.mp3 Special thanks

When The Ember Glows lays down a track, it transports you to a full-on sonic dreamscape. Martin Saint's vocals drags you into a spiral of love, whilst Dan Stefik's drums shield you from the sadness. As bassist Kevin Hills paves