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Eleven years of Boston Bastard Brigade, fourteen years of No Borders No Race, over 2000 posts posted, and we're about to reach Episode 250! There's lots to celebrate this July here at B3, so what's King Baby Duck going to do

In a society where we need to be a little more friendly to one another, LA's Ethan Gold has the perfect formula to get the smiles flowing. His latest song "Our Love is Beautiful" is all about human solidarity, where

The soapbox has been put away today for a more fun show, as King Baby Duck shares his thoughts on the films Rocketman and A Whisker Away! Plus a beloved cult cartoon based on a cult hit film celebrates its 20th

With a twinkle through the speakers, Darwin's new single "Dance Alone" pierces the eardrums with a sad tone and an uplifting melody. The Santa Rosa-based artist delivers a dance floor gem that beckons to the likes of Foster the People and Washed Out. It's

It's been awhile, but King Baby Duck has found the need to pull out the soapbox. Not in the mood to talk about anime or any sort of pop culture stuff, our host lays down his thoughts on some of the many

Beneath the fog of Seattle, Washington -- standing side-by-side with the likes of HALLOWS -- is Altar of Eris. The music feels simplistic, but deep within it is a complicated mentality. Vocalist Travis Stanley speaks in vampiric poetry, as bassist

With Boston cautiously reopening, King Baby Duck takes a look at the new Scooby-Doo! film, discovering just how faithful it is in its new 3D realm. Listeners pays tribute to rock's greatest heroic, but is the end result diluted? Plus,

Every decade, there's a voice that shines brightly in the pop world. The likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, and Rhianna have made their mark via powerful melodies and deep lyrics. From the streets of London resides

After talking about his newfound gig, King Baby Duck gets excited over the digital release of the classic anime series City Hunter! However, his joy is short-lived when an iconic Boston venue closes its doors for good. But then, our host

A good beat gets not just your body moving, but also the ground under your feet. The avant-garde duo of Short-Haired Domestic, made up of producer Tim Friese-Greene and his partner (and former Sidi Bou Said member) Lee Friese-Greene, like