If there’s one thing that Kaiju No. 8 is great at doing, it’s creating an adrenaline rush. For the past couple of volumes, we’ve seen Kafka and the Defense Force dealing with Kaiju No. 9. As we see in the

How do you take down a bad man? Simple: find someone badder. After dealing with Mary’s situation in the previous volume, Homes and Watson must find a way to protect her from a terrible blackmailer. And what better way to

To be a great storyteller, one must encapsulate the characters they bring to life. But to be considered a master, one must know their audience and how to adapt. Such is the life of a rakugo performer, who takes a

It has taken awhile, but Yukinobu Tatsu’s Dandadan has found its footing. Rather, I should say that it needed to learn to swim rather than run. In its fourth volume, not only do the characters of Dandadan become more well-rounded,

Cars are quite the useful tool. They take us faster than our legs can move, and go longer distances than the human will can travel. They also happen to assist in the art of romance, as they’re the perfect hiding

I warned you. If you didn’t watch Netflix’s adaptation of Romantic Killer, then you wouldn’t have ever guessed what would happen in its final volume. And yet, even with me knowing what occurs, it still doesn’t take the uncomfortableness away

The world of BEASTARS is a large one, which is why I’m glad Paru Itagaki’s expanded it with the anthology series Beast Complex. There’s a plethora of ideas that can be conjured up, especially when it comes to the interactions

Whelp, the quiet times in Magu-chan: God of Destruction had to end sometime. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen out of the blue! The days with Magu-chan, Ruru, and the rest of the team had reached a nice comfortable

Once an author strikes originality gold, many others try to emulate them. I’ve noticed that since Satoru Yamaguchi’s My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! first arrived, many others have done their best to tell similar

You know, it’s funny. When I started reading Call of the Night, I felt the series gave off a lo-fi hip-hop vibe, like a good Nujabes or Flying Lotus album. But now, with it putting in the action you’d expect