Although he has become a member of the family, Taiyo constantly needs to prove that he’s worthy of Mutsumi. Yes, he has helped put Kawashita behind bars, but the quest to take down Tanpopo continues onward. In order to make

Just because you’ve mastered one story doesn’t mean you’ll master them all. Even after a few great performances under her belt, the Akane of Akane-banashi knows that she’s got a lot of work to do to become the best rakugo

You’re never too certain what to expect from a Junji Ito story. What you do know is that it’ll either be weird, or it’ll creep you the hell out! Alley, a collection of ten stories published in 2011, leans a

Sometimes I wonder just what is going on in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s mind. Is he really a brilliant manga creator, or is he a madman with a pen and plenty of ink? Yes, he puts a lot of deep stuff in

It’s tough to stand out in a world filled with magical girls. You have your happy-go-lucky ones like Pretty Cure, the dark and depressing kind like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and even your super horny stories like Gushing Over Magical

Oh you poor sods. Did you think that Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead would spoof Resident Evil without a boss battle happening? As the last volume showed, our heroes would be standing toe-to-toe with a behemoth of a

Since the beginning of The Elusive Samurai, Hojo Tokiyuki has had one goal: reclaim Kamakura. It’s been a long and wild road, as fighters noble and nobleless joined his crew of Elusive Warriors. On top of that, an army of

You know, Jujutsu Kaisen has had quite a lot of things. There’ve been wild curses, a robot puppet, a Panda who isn’t a panda, and even plenty of exploding monsters. But I felt like something has been missing from Gege

Maybe it’s because I grew up in that era, but fashion peaked in the 1990s. The colors, the styles, the flair, everything felt so unique. It was the time when all cultures came to mesh together a new look that

I’ll say this: Volume Eleven of Spy × Family is a lot. And by that, I mean that this particular collection of chapters is chock filled with the things that have made Tatsuya Endo’s creation one of the current top