Even when they get older, our canine and feline friends still have a puppy/kitten-like energy. No matter how much they age, that childlike mindset never seems to leave them. In Volume Four of With a Dog AND a Cat, Every

Sensor isn’t like anything else Junji Ito has ever published - and that’s where its problems begin. Originally serialized as Travelogue of the Succubus in 2018, Sensor is a directionless, dull, mess of a story that fails to neither compel

One can be abstract with their storytelling, so long as it’s still easy to follow. Sometimes the usage of symbolism or metaphors can help with letting readers know what’s going on. A writer can also hold back from showing their

Princess Leticiel is supposed to be dead. Her kingdom was destroyed. Her loved ones were killed. She took her own life rather than submit to her enemies. So why is she opening her eyes again, a thousand years later? Who is

Mommy is back. That’s all you need to hear to get those hairs rising on your neck. Shuzo Oshimi’s Blood on the Tracks has been a whirlwind of a tale, as it dives deep into the psychological troubles between mother and

Sometimes fan fiction can go off the rails. In rare cases, it offers a delicious what-if scenario that makes for some thrilling entertainment. Moriarty the Patriot falls into the latter, not only because of its remaining of Sherlock Holmes’s greatest

If a hero’s not too careful, they could fall onto the path of villainy. That’s what happened to Pop Step in the previous volume of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. Now under the hypnotic influence of Rokuro, the former hero is

They say when the world closes a door, God opens a window. In the case of Legoshi, his need to eat Louis’s leg to battle Tem’s killer slammed a door right in his face. But in his new surroundings and

There would be a time when Dr. STONE would have to leave the confides of Japan. Now with a boat and reliable crew, Senku sets off towards the United States for some of that life-reviving corn. But before he gets

The rules of the Pretty Boy Detective Club are as followed: Be pretty. Be a boy. Be a detective. Be a team. Simple, yes? However, when you have Monogatari mastermind Nisioisin penning something entitled Pretty Boy Detective Club, you’ll know that