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Saying sorry over and over again can annoy people, but can it kill? Junji Ito brought this idea to life in his Yokai Kyoshitsu mini-series nearly a decade ago. Published here in the English realm as Dissolving Classroom, the short

The fun thing about adapting classic works is having the ability to mix it up with other parts of classical literature. Of course, this could lead to some questionable fan fiction, which can be entertaining for the wrong reasons. Fortunately

How Do We Relationship? isn’t just the title of Tamifull’s yuri series; it’s a legit question to ask! At first, the question stemmed from Miwa and Saeko trying to figure out how to date each other properly. But now that

To the most introverted, making connections is an alien concept. Having to bond with other people, attend parties, and collaborating just doesn’t mesh well with those who prefer to be alone. So when a literal alien reaches out to be

With its massive universe, My Hero Academia spinoffs are a no-brainer. But it all depends on their execution, with Vigilantes showing the strengths of such a potential and the comedic SMASH!! demonstrating its weaknesses. Team-Up Missions, brought to life by

“I can see you smiling under your mask,” commented one of the Tribute Games developers. Well, could you blame me?! I just played a spiritual successor to a video game I must’ve spent rolls of quarters on to beat as

It’s a bad sign when one has trouble differentiating one shojo manga from the next. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read many first volume rom-coms in a row, but it’s getting to the point where a lot of them feel too

A former yakuza is the least-likely guy you’d expect to run a cat cafe or make frilly clothes for dogs. The Immortal Dragon Taiju, our hero in The Way of the Househusband, makes these sorts of situations feel natural for

Nothing is worse than having a story be average. Both great and terrible stories can be talked about for weeks on end; average ones tend to linger in the air for just a blink of an eye. I say this

When one looks at the cover of Naoya Matsumoto’s Kaiju No. 8, you’ll be forgiven if you think you’re walking into a Godzilla-like tale. There’s no doubt that the King of Monsters plays a big influence on this series, but