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If a premise begets a hit, then surely an army of imitators will show up sooner or later. With the popularity of Spy × Family, it seemed like everyone wanted to try to copy their formula. Sakamoto Days has done

Who is Rooster Fighter creator Shu Sakuratani? According to his bio, it says that he’s been in the manga industry for many years, but has only gone by this pen handle for seven. Is he a classic 80s-era author, or

Kanna’s Daily Life isn’t just a mere spinoff of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Penned by Mitsuhiro Kimura, the stories involving the smol dragon and her friend Saikawa add a lot more layers to their characters. They’re not always perfect adventures,

There’s a reason why many consider Fist of the North Star the greatest shonen manga ever written. While brutal violence has been around in manga since Go Nagai gave us Devilman and Violence Jack, Kenshiro’s story goes one step beyond

No matter where Taro Sakamoto goes, trouble follows. From amusement parks to museums, our Sakamoto Days hero can’t catch a breather. Thankfully, he’s got plenty of skills to take on any deadly situation, not to mention a crew of capable

Earth was encased in stone for three thousand years. So what’s another seven? Thankfully, Suika’s can-do attitude finally brings her to recreate the formula that brings Senku and the other Kingdom of Science crew back to life. But as Dr.

As Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro continues onward, the roles of both the titular character and Senpai seem to switch from time-to-time. While Hayase has been aiding Senpai with finding his backbone for a majority of the time, the

While My Hero Academia feels like it can go on for a long time, its Vigilantes spinoff appears to be in climax mode. Chaos is everywhere, in a way that’s got “end game” written all over it. And yet, with

When Cyanide & Happiness unleashed Joking Hazard back in 2016, they brought forth an instant party hit. The comic creator game has become a staple of many adult gatherings, with each expansion pack released afterwards adding more breath to its

In the eyes of fate, there are no accidents. There are reasons for why things happen, for better or for worse. Even if you think an occurrence is but a mistake, it will slowly sort itself out in the long