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Life is filled with unpredictabilities. One moment, you can be the king of your surroundings; the next moment, you’re lying hung over covered in your own vomit and filled with great regrets. But sometimes life will give you something you

Before we start our latest review of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, how’s about we prep a quick muscle shake? Ah, that’s some good drinking! Anyways, last time we left Mash Burnedead, he was in the midst of protecting Finn from being

Senpai’s grown quite the pair, hasn’t he? In the last couple of volumes of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, we’ve seen the scruffy-haired student embracing a new lease on life. He’s switched to contact lenses, taken up more judo,

Some of the more fun rom-coms involve big misunderstandings. They can be misread cues, or perhaps the usage of a word or phrase that has multiple meanings. For the duo in Miss Miyazen Would Love to Get Closer to You,

Everybody gets jealous, even those who are as cool as a cucumber. Despite looking like nothing troubles her, Tsukasa does have her fair share of insecurities. With Nasa now working at an all-girls school, her pining for her husband becomes

To be a hero, one must be strong, fearless, and determined. In short: you can’t be a chicken. That’s what I used to think, until Shū Sakuratani’s Rooster Fighter entered my life. How does one explain a premise that’s so

It takes a long time for some folks to find their place in the world. To be expected to figure all this out before graduating high school, well that’s an even bigger challenge! Hence why a character like Akari —

There are two different things that could happen if you give an author free rein. Half of the time, the work may find itself being overwhelming, to the point of it being almost too hard to read. The other half

Behind every powerful person is a helper capable of handling their mistakes. However, it takes someone of great patience and virtue to take care of one who is a complete and utter klutz. Kiichiro Hayase, Japan’s most powerful man, may

Good news: “The Shibuya Incident” in Jujutsu Kaisen has finally ended! As much as I enjoy a good action-packed arc, Gege Akutami really let this story drag. It became an exercise in grinning and bearing, as my emotions during this