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For six years, King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar have had horse girls on their minds. Now, the head of Duck Amuck in Japan bears witness to Uma Musume: Pretty Derby in-person! Hear about the recent live event, and what

Bad news for Mashle: Magic and Muscles fans: Mash is still out of commission. Like, for real, not even a month’s supply of cream puffs will get the poor guy out of the space between life and death. So how

When finding that right significant other, it’s best to find some common ground. Perhaps it can be a shared hobby or interest, or maybe it’s a favorite author or film director. But when it comes to love, nothing beats finding

Has Shiraishi been getting some tips from Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro’s Senpai? It seems like our main protagonist of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible has been growing both the backbone and spirit to show the one he

Man, talk about the feels Love’s in Sight! has been able to deliver. From Yukiko and Kurokawa’s cute pairing to showcasing the flaws in society from a disabled person’s perspective, Uoyama’s series has managed to give readers plenty to fawn,

Let’s be real: tomboys are the best. We’ve all known this since we first saw Sigourney Weaver walking around in her underwear in 1978’s Alien. In fact, series like Ouran High School Host Club, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, and Tomo-chan is

After a long and harrowing wait, the RADIANT gang have finally reunited. It feels like almost forever since Seth, Doc, Mélie, and Ocoho have been in the same spot. (In fact, with the rate Tony Valente’s series gets released in

After a plethora of exciting volumes of Call of the Night, perhaps now is the time to take a chill pill. Considering this series started as a lounge-friendly narrative, the fact that it took a fast left turn into Shonen

On paper, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions should be a no-brainer. Mix and match heroes that normally don’t work with one another, and see what happens. It’s a concept that many superhero comics have done in the past, resulting in

Not every author can find their niche instantly. Sometimes they have to experience failure before they hit on success. Tatsuya Endo may now have a blockbuster on his hands with Spy × Family, but his writing wasn’t always great. TISTA