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Although things seem like fun on paper, there are some bad consequences to consider. After his run-in with a dangerous vampire in the last volume of Call of the Night, Ko now sees the dangers that come with turning. The

With the main story now over in We Never Learn, Taishi Tsutsui is giving readers the chance to see alternative paths the series could’ve taken. Volume Eighteen had Ogata be the winner, in a presentation that was both sweet and

There are a lot of harem comedies in the manga realm. The ones with plenty of heart and imagination are the series that outshine the bland and uninspired harems. It’s why series like Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo!, and even Monster

When fantasizing about romance, one must realize that the dream will be far from reality. That good looking girl or boy will not be perfect in every way; in fact, they might be the complete opposite of the dreamboat you

A good shonen manga knows how to build up anticipation for a big battle. Whether it’s a showcase of brawn or brains, how the fighters plan to duke it out can be demonstrated with great flare and plenty of smarts.

I don’t blame Kalaku Yuki for the afterword in their premiere volume of It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story. One look into the premise, and you’d absolutely think this was a twist on the current happenings of this world of ours. Thankfully,

When a hero fails to be what he claims to be, it’s only going to lead them towards a path of villainy. My Hero Academia did this awhile back with Gentle Criminal, a wannabe hero whose problematic powers had him

Has there ever been a better pairing in gaming than Sam & Max? The creation of Steve Purcell may have had its origins in comics, but it’s the gaming world where the dog cop and rabbit thingy have thrived beautifully.

Sometimes the greatest enemy can be right under your nose. It’s an even worse situation when that villain winds up being the last person you’d least expect. Andy, Fuuko, and the rest of the Union find this out in a

Every person has had that fantasy of meeting someone famous. But if the opportunity ever came, the thoughts of what one would say or do would come crashing into their brain like water from a bursted dam. Now imagine what