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Coloring books are no longer just for the children to enjoy. In the last ten years, the popularity of adult coloring books has skyrocketed, as many people way past their time in elementary school still find joy in such a

As John Wick found out, you never leave the crime syndicate. Sometimes it takes time for that dark past to catch up to you. But do you let that violent bygone era swallow you up again, or do you do

It’s nice when your significant other shares the same interests as you. You get to experience things with different perceptions, sometimes discovering new things about the passions you love. It can cover anything, be it a sport, a video game,

Even those who wish to destroy everything must want something to protect. That idea appears to be the theme of Kei Kamiki’s Magu-chan: God of Destruction. Despite his fiery grand entrance, the tiny bringer of chaos has often been content

For years, I wondered what it was about Deadpool that appealed most to me. Was it his crass sense of humor? Perhaps his fourth-wall-breaking personality? Maybe it was because he gave zero shits about superhero rules and regulations. After reading

Well…that certainly wasn’t something I expected from Chainsaw Man! Now don’t get me wrong. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s creation is — in the technical sense — bat-shit crazy! The plot, the visuals, and even the violence are showcased in such unique fashions, like

At the office, Hibiki Yoshida is as cool as a cucumber. He gets things done, pushes his employees to be their absolute best, and is more punctual than a pin cushion. But what he does outside of the office is

Although things seem like fun on paper, there are some bad consequences to consider. After his run-in with a dangerous vampire in the last volume of Call of the Night, Ko now sees the dangers that come with turning. The

With the main story now over in We Never Learn, Taishi Tsutsui is giving readers the chance to see alternative paths the series could’ve taken. Volume Eighteen had Ogata be the winner, in a presentation that was both sweet and

There are a lot of harem comedies in the manga realm. The ones with plenty of heart and imagination are the series that outshine the bland and uninspired harems. It’s why series like Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo!, and even Monster