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Not anyone can go through at 1,300 kilometer pilgrimage. But when the world is overrun by the undead, one tends to find that there’s time for just a task. As Akira and the Zom 100 gang traverse through rough paths

When a relationship is going well, the next logical step is to move in with your significant other. Sometimes this helps with building the relationship; other times, it can make a love crumble apart. For the duo of Yuya and

For a romantic relationship to progress, both parties must take big steps in the right direction. For the duo of Nagatoro and Senpai, their progression towards being a legit item has picked up steam. From a “practice” date at an

Ayashimon had a lot of potential. An imaginative world, some great fight sequences, and a good dose of humor made Yuji Kaku’s latest series very enjoyable. Unfortunately, like a few other series I’ve reviewed in the past, Ayashimon was cancelled

I am constantly impressed with the way Tamifull presents modern-day dating in How Do We Relationship?. Even if it’s an LGBTQ+ story, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it shows exactly what it’s like to partner up these

In the last volume of Mission: Yozakura Family, Taiyo got close to the truth behind his parents’ & brother’s death. But getting to the person on top — Makoto Kawashita — is going to be anything but easy. For Taiyo

It takes a big shakeup to make a major change in one’s life. For author Kumagae, it took his manga magazine shutting down for him to discover what he wanted in life. And what he wanted would require him to

Many things can assist finding the meaning in one's life. Sometimes it can be a new friend, a new job, or even a new destination that revives meaning. For Akira Tendo (Shuichiro Umeda), who finds himself stuck in a dead-end

Much of what works with Uoyama’s Love’s in Sight! is the relationship between Morio and Yukiko. But every great manga needs a strong supporting cast, and this series showcased some memorable side characters via Morio’s friends Hachiko and Shishio in

Think of a wonderful thought. Yes, any little wonderful thought. And if you keep that thought close to your heart, maybe one day, you’ll learn…okay, I can’t say “you’ll learn how to fly” because I know some idiot will give