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MANGA REVIEW | "Dandadan" - Volume Five

MANGA REVIEW | "Dandadan" - Volume Five

With the amount of strange creatures that Momo and Okarun have dealt with, it was high time for some of their comrades to now join the yokai roundup. Last time, it was Aira, who took on the aura of Acrobatic Silky. New to the Dandadan foray is Momo’s childhood friend Jiji, who has a problem with a cursed home. And as Volume Five shows, there are layers of complications behind this new curse.

When investigating Jiji’s home, both Momo and Okarun find no sign of strangeness. The disappointment leads Momo to hit the hot springs, as Jiji and Okarun play catch and bond over their love for Momo. But the good times slowly disappear when a mysterious family arrives at the front door. On top of that, there are so-called “gators” looking to take a dip in the same hot spring as Momo.

One thing I’ve come to learn with Dandadan is that there’s no real rest for our heroes. Even if there appears to be room for bonding experiences and friendship building, trouble is just waiting around the corner. First, there was the mysterious smiling man, wearing nothing but tighty-whities. Next came the strange ugly bastards who invade Momo’s quiet hot spring time. Then came the Kito Family, whose presence is a lot more unsettling the more they stick around Jiji’s household. And then finally, there’s the Great Serpent, who’s more of a man-eating worm than a god.

All of it results in a grand level of chaos for Momo, Okarun, and Jiji. Even with the aid of the reluctant Turbo Granny, everyone on the team has their hands full. And it’s not like simply punching these foes will do any good. Sometimes a little outside-the-box thinking is needed to take care of the problem. In the case of Momo and the “gators”, it’s some outside-the-onsen planning that results in her and Turbo Granny literally tearing the roof down of their bathing paradise!

But the real problem rests within Jiji’s household. The Kito Family, the Great Serpent, and even the cops are causing too much of a headache for our heroes. Worse, the Great Serpent has a terrifying power that makes Okarun and Momo to end their own lives, something that Jiji does everything he can to put a stop to. That’s when the strange underwear-clothed man arrives, offering something that no one — even Turbo Granny — could’ve predicted.

It all leads towards a horrifying flashback, where the mystery man’s childhood is put on display. Not only was he forced to be a sacrifice, but the people responsible for it wind up being someone Jiji knows all too well. The moment builds a plethora of sympathy for this strange-looking man, whose only crime was wanting to play like a normal kid. Once Jiji’s understanding of the situation unfolds, that’s when Momo’s childhood friend appears to join her, Okarun, and Aira in their little circle of yokai-powered heroism.

Of course, it’d be way too easy for Dandadan to just give Jiji his membership card. As the final panel shows, there’s still some work to be done before the job is fully done. But Volume Five gives us plenty of hope for the best outcome, wrapped up nicely with some great action and humorous banter. It goes to show why Dandadan is transforming into a hell of a read, with more fun in each volume than a game of Kick the Can.


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