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Section23 Films Announces October 2018 Release Dates

October may be when the freaks and creeps come out to play, but for Section23 Films, that'll be the time...

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MANGA REVIEW | "CITY" - Volume Two

If Keiichi Arawi's skill of being a mad comic genius wasn't apparent in nichijou or Helvetica Standard, then his latest...

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MANGA REVIEW | "My Solo Exchange Diary" - Volume One

She may not realize it, but manga author Nagata Kabi is a voice for this generation. Her previous work My...

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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 02 | Palm Ghosts

It's yet another every other Tuesday, which means King Baby Duck is giving control of the playlist to another rising...

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ANIME REVIEW | Manga-Creating Hijinks Ensue In "Comic Girls"

There have been a plethora of manga and anime focused on the creation of anime and manga. Titles like Dojin...

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MANGA REVIEW | "How To Treat Magical Beasts" - Volume One

In some stories, magic and science conflict with one another. However, there are tales of when the capabilities of both...

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MANGA REVIEW | "Flying Witch" - Volume Six

Within the confides of normalcy, an adventure must pop up sooner or later. Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch may promote a...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Kyu-Juu-Hachi

King Baby Duck settles into a new location, diving into his hopes for this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The VRV &...

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ANIME REVIEW | Revamped "GeGeGe no Kitaro" Conjures A Spooky Good Time

The year was 2007, when the warm June switched to an even hotter July. I was enjoying one of the...

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ANIME BOSTON 2018 | Sentai Filmworks Interview

It's the final Anime Boston 2018 video interview, as King Baby Duck chats with Sentai Filmworks' Mike Boike about their...

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