Pacing is everything when it comes to story beats. It’s this aspect that made watching Sword Art Online hard for me back in 2012. Not only were some of its characters subpar, but a lot of the narrative dragged to

King Baby Duck is just about recovered from COVID, which is good because he needs the energy to discuss what's on No Borders No Race! HBO Max's Velma is universally hated, with our host sharing some recommendations for better cartoons

Okay, what the hell, Fall 2022?! You’re supposed to be the leftover season of anime. But no, not only did you deliver some of the best anime of the year, but you trounced us all with a plethora of returning

It’s hard to dislike almost anything related to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The story of Rimuru and the people of his Tempest kingdom balances fantastic action, deep drama, and side-splitting comedy. These elements have helped 8bit’s adaptation

King Baby Duck tried his very best to avoid it, but COVID finally got him! Although he's recovered, he still needs a breather from it. Hence why this week's No Borders No Race is all about the music. However, he

There’s a solid formula that’s found in Isekai Quartet. While its premise is simple — taking popular characters from isekai series and have them go to school together — the humor can be stellar thanks to its no-holds-barred jabs at

It's been two years since Wicked Anime recorded their own episode, but the wait is finally over! AFLM, JonStar, King Baby Duck, and EliteFourDerek reconvene for their (should've been) annual Wickies awards show! But they're not alone, as they welcome

There was plenty of hype for MAPPA’s adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man the moment it was announced. With it being one of the hottest Shonen Jump properties, the excitement of seeing the likes of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya), Makima (Tomori

It’s one thing to just buy something lovely; to make it is a different ballgame all-in-all. Sure, there may be some rough spots on the final product, and you may be prone to injury here and there. But in the

The Wickies are making their grand return on December 28th (click here to vote!), and King Baby Duck prepares for the awards show by spinning some of his favorite anisongs of the year! From My Dress-Up Darling and Call of