Even when watching a sad film or TV series, I rarely ever cry. Yet there I was, with tears running down my cheek as I watched My Clueless First Friend, the latest series from Studio Signpost (formerly Pierrot Plus). Based

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Anime and theater have had a shaky relationship for a long time. For every Astro Boy and the God of Comics, there are ten cringe-inducing Sailor Moon musicals. While many get the look and style of anime right in a

B3, Enchanting Sorcery Productions, and Anime-Zing Radio get squid ink by the barrel full in a special Anime Boston 2023 interview with voice actress Christine Cabanos. Hear about her first role ever voicing in the anime K-On!, playing crazy characters,

Winter is all about embracing the cold weather, but when it comes to the returning anime series of this past season, there’s a plethora of warmth to discover. From pop idols collaborating to a senpai and kouhai’s bond growing stronger,

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This year's Anime Boston didn't have an "it show" that everyone cosplays as, but that's okay! Instead, the con was filled with plenty of uniqueness. From pickled anti-heroes and Pokémon to chainsawed madmen, there was tons of representation on-hand for

You would absolutely be forgiven if you thought Buddy Daddies was just the My Two Dads route of Spy × Family. After all, when something becomes a major hit, there’s bound to be a plethora of imitators closely following behind.