King Baby Duck starts the countdown to Anime NYC, as he wonders whether he should be himself or his persona at the event. But things get a little crazy as talks about the new Nicholas Cage film Prisoners of the

Summer 2021 gave anime fans a reason to celebrate, as some of the most beloved shows of the last couple of years finally made their return. From an anthropomorphic world dealing with bad carnivores to dragons blending in with human

When you’re second-in-command, almost everything is handed to you on silver platter. Servants giving you all of your needs, the finest of foods, and even the comfiest of bubble baths are just a finger snap away. And if you’re displeased,

In the beginning, the Beholder (Kenjiro Tsuda) drops a white orb. It’s not much at first, but after thousands of years, it starts to take the shape of a rock. That rock then transforms into a wolf, replacing the one

One can imagine how hard it is to be a children’s entertainer. They have to keep a happy personality almost all of the time, to the point where their TV persona overtakes their real-life one. But what happens if their

After reuniting with his Wicked Anime pals, King Baby Duck throws nothing but praise for the new Netflix anime series EDENS ZERO! KonoSuba gets into the gacha game market, but with surprisingly good results. Lastly, instead of A Bastard's Soapbox,

Considering that the very first shot of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory features three of its characters stark-raving nude in the bath, some would argue if that sight alone would either raise or lower a viewer's interest. After all, many

After saying a good ole FU to the anti-vaxxers of the world, King Baby Duck talks about the latest DC Cinematic Universe film The Suicide Squad! Sony buys Crunchyroll, with many good scenarios that can follow. Lastly, on "A Bastard's

We are living in a time where polyamory — the act of openly dating more than one person with the consent of everyone involved — is being more accepted in society. So naturally, there would be a time when a

Love and curses go hand-in-hand in fairy tales. The most famous of curses can be found when one person is seen as a monster, like in Beauty and the Beast or The Frog Prince. But what if the monster wasn’t