There was a time where I felt like I had to keep on hoping and wishing for my favorite anime series. Now, not only are great anime getting new seasons green-lit, but they’re be released on a monumental scale! But

As I sat there watching Vlad Love, I suddenly felt my eyes becoming heavy. It was as if something was draining the life essence out of my body. At first, I thought it was just due to me recovering from my

Chihiro Ishizuka understands that perfect balance of comfort and comedy that make a great iyashikei. Her Flying Witch series is filled with magic, whimsy, and out-of-nowhere laughter. For the past couple of volumes, Ishizuka has attempted to expand the world

A strange lover, some sexy rebels, and one of Osamu Tezuka's most iconic characters arrives this June from Section23 Films! Check out what's to come below! MYSTERIOUS GIRLFRIEND X Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 375 min. Street Date: 6/1/2021 Format: BD Language:

Many of us laughed at the concept of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby when it was about to air in Spring 2018. But as the episodes went on, the majority of viewers were shocked to see that it wasn’t a bad

King Baby Duck says it's time to play the music and light the lights, as The Muppet Show makes it grand return on Disney+! After reviewing Waifu Uncovered, our host discusses why video games rated "Adults Only" should have a

If you’re feeling sick, then you go see a doctor. When you have a toothache, a dentist is your best bet. Dermatologists are great when you have a questionable mole or a bad case of acne that needs treating. But

After lamenting on a year without conventions or any good social interaction, King Baby Duck gets the warm fuzzies over the anime rom-com Horimiya. Some wonderful fantasy arrives on Disney via The Owl House, which could be a nice alternative

The crazier the scenario, the better the isekai. I say this because there have been many series in this genre, and roughly 90% of them have the same premise, outline, and even character development. So whenever the writers toss a

In the beginning, God created the Universe; He felt it was good. He then conjured up land and water; He felt that was also good. The sun and stars followed; again, He was content. Now it was time to bring