Many things can assist finding the meaning in one's life. Sometimes it can be a new friend, a new job, or even a new destination that revives meaning. For Akira Tendo (Shuichiro Umeda), who finds himself stuck in a dead-end

When moving to another continent, you can only bring so much. King Baby Duck realized this when he moved to Japan. Hear all about everything that went into his new apartment in Tokyo. From his first reaction to the new

As a Christian, it can get tiring seeing how my faith is portrayed in the media. The worst part: said portrayal has been created by those who spend their life jamming religion down the throats of those they claim to

Some series find many ways to repeat the same joke while delivering a different punchline each time. With The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses, it’s more about giving viewers the same premise, but via different circumstances. Does it make

Spring 2023 wasn’t just packed with plenty of new anime; they also managed to squeeze in a bunch of returning favorites! From science-loving weirdos and the sweetest couple around to a certain king-to-be, there was a lot that the anime

All good things must come to an end, and No Borders No Race is no exception..for the time being. King Baby Duck is heading to Japan, and his pals EliteFourDerek, the Wicked Anime crew, Abstract Japan's TylerAbstract, and future funk

In the last twenty-five years, the young adult fiction world has been bombarded with tales of magic and fantasy. From your Harry Potters and Percy Jacksons to even your Count Olafs and…whatever the hell Eragon was, many of these stories

There’s the old joke: “How do you make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.” Poor Mitsumi Iwakura (Tomoyo Kurosawa) doesn’t realize this, as she has her entire life planned from start-to-finish. She wants to go to a great college, get

I’ll be real: I wasn’t too sure I would like The Dangers in My Heart. Based on the manga by Norio Sakurai, the first couple of minutes of the show give off a very creepy vibe. We see the main

King Baby Duck gets some feedback from friends about his all-Japanese episode, and the results are surprisingly positive. MAN WITH A MISSION come to the Boston area for a show that takes our host by surprise. Clone High is back,