What makes a monster, and what makes a man? Yes, I’m starting this article out with lyrics from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it fits well to the tone of what Kaiju No. 8 is all about. As

It's a plethora of live shows and anime on this week's episode of Duck Amuck in Japan! King Baby Duck reports on the 25th Anniversary show of TsuShiMaMiRe, and sees both ASAKA and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra live. Speaking of

Oh hello there, long-assed isekai series title. We meet again. Thanks to your stubborn ways, I’ve had to do my best to avoid talking about your genre of storytelling because of how much of a pain it is to write

It can be frustrating when a series with a good idea fumbles with its execution. When I first got word about Tadaima, Okaeri, it looked like the kind of series most people have been waiting for. After all, it’s still

It's been three weeks since the last Duck Amuck in Japan, so a lot's happened! For starters, JonStar bought a house, and King Baby Duck witnessed a last-minute Ginger Root concert in Shibuya. But it's AFLM that had a heck

I’m no stranger to the Gifu Prefecture. In fact, as of this writing, I am preparing my annual summer trip to the area, as part of the nonprofit I often lend a hand to. The fact that A Salad Bowl

In 2008, two travelers entered my life. One was a humble merchant, making his living selling goods and making deals. The other was a wolf deity, one who wished to return to the place of her homeland. Within two seasons,

There are pros and cons to having your own apartment. On one hand, it’s nice to come back to one’s fortress of solitude, and bask in the quiet after a long day. However, living on one’s own can be a

The bad news: King Baby Duck and AFLM forgot to press the record button the first go-around with this episode. The good news: JonStar could finally make it! Hear what happened after the first muck-up, and the things KBD added

Since 2018, the Uma Musume franchise has conquered mobile gaming, the anime scene, and even the occasional idol concert realm in Japan. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cygames would aim to bring those horse girls to the