Misunderstandings are a core concept of comedy. But the way they best work is when there isn’t a single person smart enough to correct it. Something that could easily be solved with a mere sentence could instead explode into a

Back in college, I was introduced to The Prince of Tennis via Toonami Jetstream. While the English voice acting was a little wooden, the tale of wonder boy Ryoma Echizen had me hooked to see how he’d reach the top

The latest addition to the Anime Boston 2022 roster won't have to travel too far to participate, as the annual convention welcomes voice actor and Beantown native Suzie Yeung! Suzie Yeung is an Asian American voice actor who began pursuing her

Anime Boston is either gambling for a win or making a deal with the devil, as they share the announcement of voice actor Griffin Burns joining the 2022 roster! Griffin Burns is an LA-based voice actor and musician most known for

Pompo: The Cinephile opens in just a couple of days (which you can read our review of here), and King Baby Duck chats with its director Takayuki Hirao! Joined by Asia Pacific Arts and We Got This Covered, Hirao reveals the

The sounds of Fate and Sword Art Online will be hitting Anime Boston 2022, as the convention welcomes J-POP artist ASCA as their first Japanese guest! ASCA made her professional debut in November 2017 with the single “KOE,” the second closing

Laughs, massive punches, and masks galore can be expected at this year's Anime Boston, as the LAVA trio -- Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, and Robbie Daymond -- will appear at the Hynes Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend. Well known as

King Baby Duck starts things off with a big congrats to his Black Compat comrade-in-arms on the latest episode! Moon Knight gets weird in all of the right ways, while Ya Boy Kongming! brings one hell of a twist on

Since 1999, The Prince of Tennis has taken over the manga and anime world in Japan. Now over two decades since Ryoma Echizen first hit the court, the franchise eyes the American big screen for its next venture! Ryoma! The Prince

Giant behemoths! Food enthusiasts! Two competitive kids! The Winter 2022 season had a couple of much-anticipated anime making their grand return! Did they manage to deliver on their hype, or was it all deflated? Let’s find out… ATTACK ON TITAN: THE