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ANIME REVIEW | With "Super Cheat Powers" Comes Super Heartfelt Storytelling

ANIME REVIEW | With "Super Cheat Powers" Comes Super Heartfelt Storytelling

Oh hello there, long-assed isekai series title. We meet again. Thanks to your stubborn ways, I’ve had to do my best to avoid talking about your genre of storytelling because of how much of a pain it is to write out their ridiculously lengthy names! (Yes, I know I could just copy & paste them when I write my reviews, but that’s beside the point!) However, this past Spring season, you had to make an isekai fantasy comedy that’s not only was impossible to ignore, but managed to feature a wolf woman who wound up being a formidable opponent to even the Wise Wolf Holo.

That anime is Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers. And despite its somewhat generic name, the latest fantasy comedy from J.C. Staff (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) actually delivers some quality entertainment, laughs, and even a sprinkling of moral lessons for good measure. And it all starts when a man from one fantasy world is summoned to…yet another fantasy world. The difference between the two of them is how their class system is set up.

Our main character in Chillin' in Another World... is Banaza (Satoshi Hino), who comes from a place where beast people are treated as bad as slaves. He’s known for being a good guy, and even pays those who are discriminated against a little extra for good measure. But then, he’s zapped to the Kingdom of Klyrode, and is quickly measured for magic power. Alas, he’s got bupkis, whereas the other guy isekai’d — the aptly-named Blonde Hero (Taishi Murata) — has got plenty. So poor Banaza is whisked away to a forest with only a little cash and rations, possibly to be eaten by what equates to a bear in this world.

But then, after killing a slime creature, Banaza finds his stats have all been upgraded, with the number showing a sideways eight. And from there, he becomes a powerful magic user, with the capabilities of purifying an entire forest of evil without batting a single sweat. Wanting nothing to do with the kingdom that just abandoned him, Banaza alters his looks and changes his name to Flio, as he makes his way to the Adventurers Guild. There, he meets four female soldiers and a young girl looking for help. And then, the real trouble starts, as the anime title keeps sounding more and more like a lie.

The young girl reveals herself to being the demon wolf Fenrys (Rie Kugimiya), as she and Flio fight with all of their strength. Once our hero defeats the wolf girl, Fenrys demands that he take her for his bride, per tradition of her tribe. Good-hearted as he is, Flio takes her by his side, but outright refuses to be called her “Master”. Instead, Fenrys settles for “Darling”, and the two attempt to start a new life together in the forest. As this is going on, the Blonde Hero’s true colors begin to show, as he’s more coward than knight on the fields of battle.

Once the pairing of Flio and Fenrys is made, the real meat of Chillin' in Another World... begins. They build a house, start to farm, sell their crops, and make an honest living. The female soldiers — knight Balirossa (Aya Yamane), swordswoman Blossom (Mari Hino), mage Belano (Nene Hieda), and archer Byleri (Yuuki Hirose) — also find themselves living under their roof. But if you think this is the start of a harem, think again! Ain’t no way another woman’s getting between Fenrys and her Darling!

Although the show takes a more laid-back approach to its world, there isn’t a lack of tension. Because of Flio’s power, he once again becomes noticed by the King (Tomoyuki Shimura). On top of that, the Blonde Hero becomes incredibly jealous of Flio’s skills, to the point where he starts to find ways to wipe him off the map. A moment where he calls upon the djinn Hiya (Yui Horie) results in a battle that almost kills Fenrys, and fills Flio with an insurmountable amount of rage and passion. (Thankfully, Fenrys talks him out of delivering a devastating final blow.)

There’s also the Dark One Gholl (Tomoaki Maeno), who can’t seem to figure out whose side Flio is on. But then, he himself becomes smitten by Balirossa, who has no clue how to handle his presence other than to hightail it outta there! As the narrative goes on, those who seek to rid the world of Flio instead find themselves working along him in his attempt to live a peaceful life. As such, Flio winds up gaining a much better life thanks to a blunder from a power hungry king.

It’s hard to sum up everything that happens in Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers. And yet, the magic in the show is how they keep things simple in a way that never dumbs down the situations. Flio’s partnership and magic skills wind up doing a whole lot of good not just for him and his crew, but even for this kingdom and the villages it oversees. Even the Dark One — who goes so far as to step away from the throne in the name of love — sees the grandness of peace and tranquility via Flio’s actions and words.

Of course, the good stuff comes in its sense of humor. Many of the women in this anime have quirks that add a whole lot of comedy to the mix. Balirossa’s dim mentality makes for some big laughs, especially when she is in the same room as Gholl. Belano’s weak powers make her look like a Bizarro Megumin, with even the tiniest of spells making the poor girl faint. Hiya (who can become any gender) is a horndog of a djinn, going so far as to spy on Flio and Fenrys in the bedroom and drag others into their promiscuous escapades.

But the real star of Chillin' in Another World... is Fenrys. Not only does she show her strength as a fighter, but also her heart as a doting wife to Flio. She may be a little too overly protective of her Darling, but that’s par for the course when living under the same roof as many other women. It’s also nice to see her and Flio act like couple, rather than drag out a possible pairing like most rom-coms do. Anytime they have a quiet moment of reflection, you can feel the love the two of them have for one another.

The theme of this anime is to find peace in the world. Whether it’s just finding it under your roof, in your surroundings, or the world as a whole, the idea of seeking peace in any way is showcased strongly throughout the narrative. Even with its fantastical elements, one can’t help but nod in approval of Flio’s good-natured way to live life and better those around you. In a sense, that’s what makes Chillin' in Another World... so endearing.

It may have its goofy moments and shakeups, but Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers embraces the concept of a life well lived. And it’s not from slaying enemies or conquering kingdoms. No, what makes a life well lived are the smiles, the memories, and the friendships that have been made throughout it. And those who watch Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers will certainly be treated with a bountiful of life-affirming moments that’ll leave them smiling for days on end.

Also, the opening theme song is so cute, you might have rainbows shoot out of your eyes.

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Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers can be viewed on Crunchyroll, and has been licensed by Crunchyroll. Episodes 1-12 were observed for this review. Promotional consideration provided by Crunchyroll.

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