Section23 Films Announces July 2018 Release Dates

The summer weather gets off on the right foot in the month of July, as does Section23 Films with their...

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ANIME REVIEW | Hilarity & Sweetness Go Together In "School Babysitters"

Babies are adorable bundles of joy, no matter how much they cry and poop to their hearts' content. Toddlers, on...

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ANIME REVIEW | An Indifferent Taste For Ramen With "Ms. Koizumi"

There are moments where I find myself asking a simple question that lacks a coherent answer: Why am I watching...

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MANGA REVIEW | "Flying Witch" - Volume Five

Every time a new volume of Flying Witch is released, it feels like you're being welcomed back into the most...

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GAME REVIEW | Trying to Remain a Right-Sider in "Chaos;Child"

Chaos;Child is the sequel to Chaos;Head, but the first game in the series never released in the West in any...

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Stephanie Sheh Joins Anime Boston 2018 Guest List

Grab your favorite time traveler and rock out with your tea-loving bandmates, as Anime Boston 2018 has announced that Stephanie...

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ANIME REVIEW | "Maerchen Maedchen" A Fractured Fairy Tale

The classic tales of Cinderella, The Little Match Girl, Snow White, and just about every story with a Prince Charming...

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Voice Actors Justin Briner and Clifford Chapin Announced For Anime Boston 2018

Anime Boston is about to go Plus Ultra, with the announcement of My Hero Academia cast members Justin Briner and...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Kyu-Juu-Yon

After revealing some exciting news about Anime Boston, King Baby Duck revisits the anime K-On!, and realizes his initial thoughts...

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Voice Actor Kazuki Yao Announced For Anime Boston 2018

Anime Boston is seeking out the ultimate treasure with a Gundam in tow, with veteran voice actor Kazuki Yao joining...

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