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For six years, King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar have had horse girls on their minds. Now, the head of Duck Amuck in Japan bears witness to Uma Musume: Pretty Derby in-person! Hear about the recent live event, and what

You can always count on anything regarding KonoSuba! to bring big laughs and unexpected twists. Be it the original light novel, the manga adaptation, or the hugely popular anime series, the story of Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness has plenty

The Winter 2024 anime season is in full swing, and the Duck Amuck in Japan crew share their thoughts on what's airing! But first, EliteFourDerek talks about his upcoming move to Florida, and a somber farewell to the band CHAI.

Sometimes games should be allowed to be weird! Yes, that means that some titles will be completely nonsensical and lack any sort of coherency. But you know what? I like a game that can be both weird and fun to

It's the first Duck Amuck in Japan episode of 2024, and King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar have got quite a lot of ground to cover. An interview opportunity lands on AFLM's lap, while our host talks about meeting comedian

There’s a lot of anime surrounding people being reincarnated into a dating visual novel. However, it’s sometimes rare for said anime to get a visual novel of its own. Thankfully, the brilliant My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes

We've come to the end of 2023, and the Duck Amuck in Japan crew share their picks on the best, worst, and weirdest things to come out of anime, video games, music, and movies! King Baby Duck talks about a

WARNING: The following video game discussed in this review is intended for readers 18 & older. In other words: (Pic from FlorkOfCows) It takes gumption to make a solid Metroidvania; it also takes a unique and dirty mind to craft a solid

When it comes to horror, I like mine more unsettling than jump scare-based. Perhaps this is why I have a love for Junji Ito, who takes a more “the less you know, the more creepy it is” route with his

The Duck Amuck in Japan crew welcome Zaech, the creator of the YouTube series The Kozy Kotatsu! Hear about Zaech's big run for the sake of Persona, and what brought him to Japan in the first place. King Baby Duck