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It's been just about a year since King Baby Duck made the big move to Japan, as he reflects on how he's changed since leaving his Boston roots. However, that's not to say he's gotten used to everything, as a

My heart was aching as I witnessed what I assumed was the ending of Until Then. The scenarios I experienced felt like I had gone through a sob-inducing anime, something like Your Lie in April or Anohana. But then, just

The bad news: King Baby Duck and AFLM forgot to press the record button the first go-around with this episode. The good news: JonStar could finally make it! Hear what happened after the first muck-up, and the things KBD added

Ten seconds is all you have to live. The only way to stay alive is to appease your streamers. And the best way to keep them entertained is to keep on killing. A hint of what the future holds? Who

Since 2018, the Uma Musume franchise has conquered mobile gaming, the anime scene, and even the occasional idol concert realm in Japan. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cygames would aim to bring those horse girls to the

If I had a hundred yen every time I got lost in Ikebukuro or Shinjuku Station, I’d quit my job and live out a nice early retirement. Alas, that ain’t the case. But KOTAKE CREATE’s The Exit 8 makes me

“Are we the bad guys?” That question popped in my head while I played through Rainbow Cotton, a Dreamcast original that has since been remade by ININ and SUCCESS. The worlds I flew through were colorful, with every enemy on

I know many a friend who’d burn their house down if it meant killing the spider that invaded it. That sort of mentality is why I loved 2021’s Kill It With Fire, which took exterminating arachnids to the extreme! Three

When Shelly Harrison made her debut eight years ago in Bombshell, the top-down adventure was met with shrugs. It wasn’t until she entered the first-person shooter realm with Ion Fury where her popularity began to rise. The game was met

In the 1980s, there was a soap opera called Dynasty. Story-wise, it wasn’t anything to write home about. However, the slap fights amongst the aristocratic ladies made it a cult sensation. Rose & Camellia Collection, which brings the entire series