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The Touhou series has expanded in many ways since its inception in 1995. Created by Team Shanghai Alice (which is run in a one-man operation via Jun’ya “Zun” Ōta), the doujin franchise has spanned shoot ‘em ups, fighting games, manga,

How does one weigh the value of a soul? Is it by the amount that a person is able to accomplish, or can a soul cost plenty just by having a good, quiet life? GoodbyeWorld Games brings judgement to one

The feat of men against gods has been showcased in Greek and Roman myths, not to mention a plethora of movies and video games. Gods Will Fall, a new top-down action game from newcomers Clever Beans, takes this concept and

Many of us laughed at the concept of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby when it was about to air in Spring 2018. But as the episodes went on, the majority of viewers were shocked to see that it wasn’t a bad

I know many a gamer that’ll kill demons in DOOM with the greatest of ease, but will instantly jump on the highest table if a tiny spider made its way into their homes. Perhaps this is why I can’t help

King Baby Duck says it's time to play the music and light the lights, as The Muppet Show makes it grand return on Disney+! After reviewing Waifu Uncovered, our host discusses why video games rated "Adults Only" should have a

WARNING: The following video game discussed in this review is intended for readers 18 & older. In other words:   (Pic from FlorkOfCows) If you had told me five years ago that the only place to play the best raunchy games on a console was

This post contains adult material. Click here to verify your ageThis post contains adult material. Click here to verify your age

Sometimes I like a driving game that isn’t too complicated. With the plethora of realistic titles on the market, it’s nice to try your hand at one that not only doesn’t take too much brain power to figure out, but

It’s been ten years since Inti Creates brought to the world its Gal*Gun creation. However, the Western side would have to wait until Gal*Gun: Double Peace arrived before they could experience this unique rail shooter. While we can’t go back

The Neo Geo Pocket Color Classic may not have had the same life span as the Game Boy Advance, but it did have its fair shares of great titles on there. One of them was one of the early company