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Turnip Boy is no hero. Hell, you’ve already seen the title of this game: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. Despite his cute appearance, this living vegetable has done irreparable damage to his finances. So when Mayor Onion takes his home,

Seven years ago, a story about a creepy clown first hit the video game realm. Dropsy was a concoction that fit well with Devolver Digital’s library, as it had that weird-yet-nostalgic essence all over it. Years later, the frightful-looking clown

As co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti had already made a name for himself in the gaming realm. The “say less, show more” approach to his titles helped to make the likes of Limbo and Inside household names. Now with the

It’s fascinating to think of how far Mane6 has come with Them’s Fightin’ Herds. Originally a tribute game to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the team had to scrap those plans when Hasbro served them a cease-and-desist. However, series developer

My dearest McPixel, It has been over a decade since your gorgeous orange hair first appeared on my screen. I remember it quite well: ‘Twas a free giveaway on IGN for your debut video game. Knowing nothing of it of the

There was nothing like finding a cartoon gem in the world of syndication. While Saturday mornings were made for the big leagues, the weekday afternoons were where the cartoon anomalies came out to play. From Samurai Pizza Cats to Conan

For years, LEGO has invaded the video game world in impressive ways. From LEGO Dimensions to their takes on DC and Marvel properties, each brick-y journey delivers on humor, fun, and imagination. However, most of these games lacked the most

Next year, a side-scroller in the vein of Super Mario will be making its premiere: Kitsune Tails. Created by Kitsune Games (the folks behind Super Bernie World), the story will follow a cute fox girl as she traverses a world

Demons. Nazis. Rogue agents. All of these are the kinds of foes one would face in a first-person shooter. Yet none of them compare to the vileness and wickedness of the most diabolical of creatures known to humankind: dudes who

Not all heroes wear capes, but some like to keep things clean. Samurai Punk proved this will a little game called Roombo: First Blood. While on the short side, it showed a lot of potential for what could be a