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Much of my single-digit years were spent in some Papa Gino’s or Pizza Hut burning the roof of my mouth with the finest slices of cheese pizza around. But as a young kid, impatience was a given. Thankfully, many of

Ever dream of working side-by-side with one of your favorite fictional characters? We all do that as kids, but sometimes even adults have fantasies of going on adventures with their favorite heroes and action stars. One of my faves growing

Three have gone by since the Hynes was filled with otaku, and the con-goers of Anime Boston 2022 were itching to showcase their cosplay skills! From Ghibli faves to robot behemoths, King Baby Duck and EliteFourDerek set out to find

Before there was Early Access, there was “shareware”. Back in the 90s, Apogee Software made a name for themselves by selling the first part of a game for a couple of bucks, in hopes that it’d make you buy the

When it comes to brutality and silliness, no one does it better than Lo Wang. Yes, the hero of the Shadow Warrior franchise may be a dick-talking smart-ass, but that’s part of his charm! Hell, I’d even go so far

The latest addition to the Anime Boston 2022 roster won't have to travel too far to participate, as the annual convention welcomes voice actor and Beantown native Suzie Yeung! Suzie Yeung is an Asian American voice actor who began pursuing her

It's been two years since King Baby Duck roamed the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, but he hasn't missed a step! Join our host as he hits the PAX East 2022 floor, and chats with game developers, publishers, and even

“I can see you smiling under your mask,” commented one of the Tribute Games developers. Well, could you blame me?! I just played a spiritual successor to a video game I must’ve spent rolls of quarters on to beat as

In the 80s and 90s, if you wanted to play a game you didn’t own without buying, you had three options. You could rent it, go over to a friend’s house to play it, or have said friend bring it

In a world of video game heroes, there’s only one that reigns as King of the Jerks: McPixel! Ten years ago, the expert bomb defuser made waves and stole the hearts of every gamer he came across. However, after kicking