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The more mysterious an adventure is, the better. That’s what I realized when playing Embers’ debut video game Strayed Lights, which pushes you into a world that’s hauntingly beautiful. It’s the kind of game that makes you wonder about your

If you want to create an open-world game, the Yakuza franchise should be topping your list of whose formula you should follow. Great characters, inventive missions, and a truly interactive surrounding is what made Kiryu Kazuma’s story one of the

The world of League of Legends is a massive one. What started out as a MOBA title has evolved into a franchise that’d rivaled the likes of anything Activision Blizzard has ever concocted. It’s even invaded other sorts of entertainment

After two conventions back-to-back, King Baby Duck is ready for a normal No Borders No Race episode. Hear what The Super Mario Bros. Movie got right about the legendary video game franchise, and what makes The Dangers in My Heart

This year's Anime Boston didn't have an "it show" that everyone cosplays as, but that's okay! Instead, the con was filled with plenty of uniqueness. From pickled anti-heroes and Pokémon to chainsawed madmen, there was tons of representation on-hand for

The idea that your car is your life sounds like a joke from a Burt Reynolds vehicle, but Ironwood Studios’s Pacific Drive is playing it straight. After seeing the trailer for it, I felt the need to learn what was

King Baby Duck took on PAX East 2023 with great tenacity, and he's got the audio to prove it! Join our host as he chats with many developers on the con floor (and maybe one or two in a different

Riot Games’s League of Legends has a vast world, with many characters with stories to tell. With spinoff games like Ruined King and the Emmy-winning animated series Arcane, these narratives have a chance to expand on lore and the world

Teamwork makes the dream work, and the dream of two certain penguins is to get to the top of a mountain. Bread & Fred, the latest game from the legends at Apogee Entertainment, brings a new level of co-op to

Music can open many to new worlds and experiences. Felicity’s Door, Area 35’s upcoming rhythm game, literally does that with its two human characters and their talking stuffed bear. At PAX East, players had the opportunity to explore the sights