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GAME REVIEW | Ridding The Undead Is Commonplace For "School Girl/Zombie Hunter"

Long ago, there were two series of games born from the the Simple 2000 line of games made in Japan....

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GAME REVIEW | Getting Lost in the Hyper Pixel World of "Songbringer"

There are plenty of Zelda clones out there to choose from, but few are done in an ultra-pixelated art style...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Hachi-Juu-Nana

King Baby Duck is excited to see VRV taking a much-needed page out of Netflix's playbook, while recommending the Nintendo...

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GAME REVIEW | Technical Issues Can't Pardon Design Sins In "Absolver"

Absolver at first glance sounds like an interesting game. Play as an unknown avatar character of your own making, and go...

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No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Hachi-Juu-Roku

After lamenting on missing out on Rhode Island Comic Con due to illness, King Baby Duck wonders what is going...

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GAME REVIEW | Gust Drops the Ball on Progress in "Nights of Azure" Sequel

When a game gets a sequel, one would think that it would get improvements over he first. After all when the first...

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TV REVIEW | Tall Tales & Big Laughs In "Dofus" TV Adaptation

Connected by two timelines, the universes of Dofus and Wakfu share a huge bond with one another. Without the events...

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GAME REVIEW | A "Mario Odyssey" Worthy of Any Greek Epic

How Nintendo still manages to reinvent Mario after three decades is beyond recognition. Whether he's saving the princess, riding in...

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GAME REVIEW | Finding Friends & Fiends In The "Midnight Shadows"

It's been about a year since the original Yomawari hit the Vita and PC. Now its followup Shin Yomawari has finally arrived...

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This past year's Another Anime Convention had itself a fine foray of cosplayers on-hand to show off their works around...

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