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Not all heroes wear capes, but some like to keep things clean. Samurai Punk proved this will a little game called Roombo: First Blood. While on the short side, it showed a lot of potential for what could be a

When I think of some of the best action films of the last few years, films like The Raid, John Wick, and even Everything Everywhere All at Once come to mind. Free Lives know how to bring cinematic badassery to

Picture in your mind that you’re the greatest golfer in the world. You’re on the 18th hole in the sport’s biggest tournament, with only a couple of swings away from breaking world records. But as you line up your winning

Out of all of the game genres Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid could’ve invaded, the last one I would’ve expected was a bullet hell shoot ‘em up. Yet here I am, staring at Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Burst Forth!! Choro-gon☆ Breath,

A warrior’s life begins at a young age. It starts with training by a Master, as they hone their skills both offensively and defensively. But one day, the trainee will need that Master no more, be it due to learning

In November 2000, a video game was released that changed the foundation of professional wrestling titles. Its name: WWF No Mercy! Meanwhile, across the Pacific, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color was about to get its own time in the ring,

The history of Phantom Breaker in the West is a strange one. Up until this year, the only title in 5pb.’s franchise that’s made it over here has been its side-scrolling spinoff Battle Grounds. However, its original fighting incarnations —

They're loud, annoying, and very annoying! Which is which? We don't know! But the Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime Herald, Anime-Zing Radio, Honey's Anime, and Looper sit down with the LAVA trio of Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, and Max Mittelman at

I don’t know why, but games where you play as monsters destroying cities aren’t executed well. It shouldn’t be rocket science to make a game where you play as a behemoth and wreck everything around you. Yet from the PS3’s

Much of my single-digit years were spent in some Papa Gino’s or Pizza Hut burning the roof of my mouth with the finest slices of cheese pizza around. But as a young kid, impatience was a given. Thankfully, many of