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Supporting a crowdfunded video game is always a gamble. For every Undertale and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, there are dozens of flops like Mighty Number 9 and Godus. Too many campaigns overpromise, underdeliver, or collapse before getting off the

It’s no Taisho secret: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is the hottest thing to come out of Japan in recent years. Koyoharu Gotouge’s creation has taken over manga shelves, television screens, and has even knocked off Hayao Miyazaki as the

“From your first encounter to your final vows.” That’s the motto of Cupid Corp, Los York City’s premier matchmaking service for the affluent and elite. If you’re looking for love, there's no better place, because their top bridal advisor is none

My high school days were filled with playing tons of sports games. From SSX Tricky to MVP Baseball 2005, these titles took over more of my time than any Mario and Zelda title. But no series stole my playtime quite

Ever since the Switch replaced my main means of handheld gaming back in 2017, I’ve been asking: “When’s Corpse Party coming out on this thing?” Having already released on the PSP, PS Vita, and 3DS (yes really), I knew it

When Suda51 goes all in, he never flinches. Out of all the video game creators out there, he’s one of the few that gives his players everything he can fathom. Be it in cult classics like Killer7 or balls-to-the-wall mayhem

It’s one thing to play a video game that feels like a high octane action movie; it’s another to be fully immersed into one. nDreams has done wonders with its virtual reality games, ranging from the puzzler The Assembly to

Are you a fan of scary games, but you're sick of getting recommended Outlast, Amnesia, and Resident Evil on a never-ending loop? Do you want to take your scares on the go? Then check out this list of five(-ish) truly

If I had to describe Olympia Soirée in two words, they would be: "delightfully shameless." It knows exactly what it wants to be, and the target demographic it wants to hit. It charges full-steam ahead with it’s unapologetically indulgent romantic premise,

Nine years ago, Japan got itself a little game called Akiba’s Trip. The premise of this title revolved around ripping clothes off of zombies. Yes, it was one of those titles, but it did spawn itself an anime adaptation and