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It's been a long time since Streets of Rage or Bare Knuckle has received an entry in the series since the third game, but that didn't stop fans from making their own. While it is a shame that a Streets

Here’s my conundrum: I’ve spent six hours playing a video game, which is a fair amount of time to put into a single title. The problem: I’m still stuck on the first level! What’s a critic to do if they

So, it's finally come. The conclusion of a sub-series of a franchise. After seven years of Trails of Cold Steel, the story reaches its own finish line with its fourth and final chapter. This review will cover an overview of

Not every classic game needs a gritty reboot or some deep storytelling element to keep things fresh. Sometimes, all one needs is a fresh coat of paint. Bubble Bobble is one such title, a game that was one of the

Leisure Suit Larry should not have a place in this modern age. The horndog point-and-click adventure series was scandalous even in its own time, so imagine how some people would react to the older games. And yet, Assemble Entertainment proved

The OneChanbara series is what I would gladly label a guilty pleasure. It lacks the character development of Senran Kagura, and it doesn’t have the smarts of Gal*Gun. But at the end of the day, these hack-and-slash games with the

If 2020 were a video game, it would be Disc Room. The dual team of Jan Willem Nijman & Kitty Calis (MINIT) and Terri Vellmann & Doseone (SLUDGE LIFE and HIGH HELL) have put together something that seems easy on

It’s funny to think that WayForward’s half-genie hero Shantae could’ve easily been forgotten. After all, her debut was in a Game Boy Color side-scroller, released one year after the Game Boy Advance left its predecessor in an obsolete realm. Thankfully,

When people think of Nippon Ichi Software, the first thing that comes to mind before even the Disgaea series are those darn Prinnies. The demon-winged exploding penguins are to NIS America as the Rabbids are to Ubisoft: annoying little bastards

King Baby Duck finally finds something to laugh about in the world, as the classic British puppet series Spitting Image makes its return. A gacha game gets almost everything right, in the form of Genshin Impact! Plus, on this week's