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It's been two years since King Baby Duck roamed the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, but he hasn't missed a step! Join our host as he hits the PAX East 2022 floor, and chats with game developers, publishers, and even

“I can see you smiling under your mask,” commented one of the Tribute Games developers. Well, could you blame me?! I just played a spiritual successor to a video game I must’ve spent rolls of quarters on to beat as

In the 80s and 90s, if you wanted to play a game you didn’t own without buying, you had three options. You could rent it, go over to a friend’s house to play it, or have said friend bring it

In a world of video game heroes, there’s only one that reigns as King of the Jerks: McPixel! Ten years ago, the expert bomb defuser made waves and stole the hearts of every gamer he came across. However, after kicking

Arcade beat ‘em ups are still the rage after over 35 years. That feeling of playing side-by-side with a group of friends is something that makes games special to experience. Petoon Studio’s Curse of the Sea Rats, a game that

It should be a relaxing day at the beach, but evil has other plans. When one is supposed to be catching rays, you’re instead dealing with an alien threat. At first, they don’t seem much like a threat, especially with

Anime Boston is either gambling for a win or making a deal with the devil, as they share the announcement of voice actor Griffin Burns joining the 2022 roster! Griffin Burns is an LA-based voice actor and musician most known for

Many co-op titles merely require gamers to play together. Total Mayhem Games wants them to do more, with their We Were Here series putting major focus on communication on their games. One player has some keys to the puzzles at

The Great War gets lost in the shuffles of video game simulations and the like. M2H and Blackhill Games realized this, as they shone a light on World War I in their own series of battle-focused games. First, they went

Golf is a fun and competitive sport, and its video game incarnations deliver that same aspect almost every time. But what happens when you find yourself in a golf game of the more supernatural kind? Chuhai Labs’s Cursed to Golf