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I love a good dogfighting game, especially those based during World War I. The thrill of fighting the Red Baron is something that I’ve held a great appreciation for since I was a little kid. From the Red Baron series

It's been a bit since Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes released for the Nintendo Switch. One did have to wonder if the game would make it to other platforms. Finally, a few months afterward, it's finally happened. But the result

The first Cat Quest was a cute-yet-simple action RPG. There were lots of cat puns, loot, and a game where most of the action takes place on the world map. But like most things, the game could have stood to

Everyone remember the hullabaloo about the dangers of Y2K back during the end of the Nineties? While it didn't end up all that much of a problem in the real world, it's actual effects only got rolled back 20 years

It's a scary world right now, and our host King Baby Duck can't help but admit that fact. But he tries his damndest to do something positive, with the help of All in! Games's Head of Internal Development Norman Lenda

SNK’s The King of Fighters is, to be blunt, my favorite fighting game series. While Street Fighter has the more iconic characters and Mortal Kombat the most brutal of moves, the world of SNK’s series is far vast and deeper

A month has gone by since PAX East 2020 wrapped up, but we've still got just a tiny bit more coverage to unleash. Join King Baby Duck as he showcases eleven interviews featuring the likes of WayForward, TinyBuild, Devolver Digital, and

The Boston Bastard Brigade, AsianCrush, GamePress, Toonami Faithful, DubTalk, Gifted Sounds Network, Too Stupid Gamerz, GeekLyfe, Anime Lately, and NerdBlast all sit down to chat with voice actor Max Mittelman at this past year's Anime NYC! Hear about his work on Demon

Two familiar faces to Anime Boston are set to make their return this year, as the annual event welcomes back voice actors Lauren Landa and Greg Ayres! In the world behind the mic, Lauren Landa is most known for roles such