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How does one begin to describe a video game like The Good Life? The latest title from Swery65 (Deadly Premonition) and his White Owls Inc. team is a cornucopia of things. It’s got mystery, magic, comedy, and even a little

It's the first normal No Borders No Race of 2022, as King Baby Duck talks about the challenges of making the Best-Of-2021 episodes! John Cena is seen and heard in the new HBO Max series Peacemaker, and things foul &

For decades, the battle between SNK and Capcom over who makes the best fighting games has been argued by many in the fandom. And that argument has even gotten the two companies together for some fighting collaborations, be it in

Forty years ago, the arcade scene was first introduced to Centipede. The Atari shooter had a pretty simple premise: kill the bug. Hit the body, and get ten points; shoot the head, and you’ll earn a hundred. If you’re not

From Tiger Mask to Kinnikuman, wrestling has played a major influence in anime & manga. It’s why it feels appropriate that New Japan Pro-Wrestling is at Anime NYC, as the organization gave fans a look at their upcoming mobile game

Serenity Forge has the knack to create unique dating sim experiences in a sea of many. 2020’s Half Past Fate demonstrated their talents, as they combined classic point-and-click gaming to the art of wooing your 2D waifu/husbando. This year, they’ve

There have been some strange crossovers in video games, ranging from Mortal Kombat and the DC Universe to the Mario + Rabbids series. But sometimes a weird mashup makes more sense in execution rather than on paper. Perhaps that’s why

What happens when we die? That’s a question many of us have thought about for thousands of years. Is there a Heaven and Hell, or are we greeted with pure darkness after we go into the light? Route 59’s Necrobarista

Vtubers have taken over the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From Kizuna Ai to Project Melody, these virtual stars have found their way into the hearts of fans all over the world. No one knows this more than

I’ve come to a realization. After reading the first volume of Kirby Manga Mania, I was fully convinced that Kirby was the true villain of Dream Land. He caused chaos not just to main antagonist King Dedede, but to every