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The world of LEGO has been in many video games since the turn of the century. However, very rarely do these titles allow you to do the things LEGO was meant to be for: building. Thunderful and ClockStone’s LEGO Bricktales

Something evil and foamy roams in the DreadXP booth at PAX East. One look at My Friendly Neighborhood, and nostalgic times of learning your ABCs and 123s will surely pop in your brain. But once you sit down and see

The demo at Elements wasn’t exactly a game demo, but rather a demonstration of the kind of world Apogee Entertainment and Wreckit Games wish to create. One can’t help but feel the gorgeous vibes that this game is bringing to

Is there much more to be done with the zombie genre? If the recent revivals of Resident Evil and House of the Dead are any hint, it seems like the undead are here to stay! Dead Fury, a new zombie

When one thinks of Apogee Entertainment, memories of VGA shareware titles no doubt would flow through any gamer’s brain. Below the Stone, an upcoming Apogee title from first-timer Strollart Games, is a game that would’ve fit in perfectly with its

You can thank the fans for bringing back Kao the Kangaroo, a seemingly-obscure video game hero in the same vein as Crash Bandicoot and Banjo-Kazooie. Thanks to a Twitter campaign, interest in this walloping wallaby began to take hold by

A grand adventure needs to be immersive, to the point where every aspect of it is just begging to be explored. TinyBuild’s Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, the debut game from Taiwan’s Acme Gamestudio, aims to bring a big world

If you ever wondered what would happen if Solid Snake reincarnated into a Roomba, then TinyBuild has just the game for you! Justice Sucks, the latest game from Samurai Punk (The American Dream VR) takes a cute premise, and then

Laughs, massive punches, and masks galore can be expected at this year's Anime Boston, as the LAVA trio -- Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, and Robbie Daymond -- will appear at the Hynes Convention Center on Memorial Day weekend. Well known as

One of my favorite arcade classics is SpyHunter, which had you take control of a special car with plenty of gadgets. Its mechanics were simple, but conquering it was a hell of a challenge. Sadly, it’s been nearly a decade