March 2023

Where do video games draw the line between fantasy and reality? How do they tackle this subject of “necessary evil”? When do they allow us to witness a great issue in modern society, while at the same time not shake

The elevator pitch for Gori: Cuddly Carnage is simple: a cat rides a bloodthirsty hoverboard. Okay, that doesn’t sound entirely simple, and it’s not entirely just about that. Combining aspects of Jet Set Radio and Devil May Cry, Angry Demon

Even when in our downest of days, we can always trust a dog to help boost our spirits. Kyle Banks’s upcoming game Farewell North demonstrates that to the extreme, as you play a four-legged friend aiding their master in grief.

Some 3D platformers want to deliver an exciting experience for its players. Shumi Come Home, the debut game from SomeHumbleOnion, wants to be different, instead offering a more relaxing adventure. At the Mooneye Studios booth at PAX East, I was

Last year’s Sucker for Love: First Date answered a question nobody dared asked: what if you went out with Lovecraftian horror characters? The end result was a perfect blend of dating sim, horror, and comedy. Now Akabaka is coming back

Were children’s television shows more disturbing than we remember? Thinking back to stuff like H.R. Pufnstuf and The Great Space Coaster, the characters showcased there were legit creepy. It’s this aspect that makes MANGLEDmaw Games’s Amanda the Adventure the kind

The next round of North American guests for Anime Boston 2023 has been revealed, as the con welcomes voice actors Adam Gibbs and Anne Wild! Adam Gibbs is a Houston-based actor with stage, voice, and screen credits. You can hear him

PAX East 2023 has come and gone, but King Baby Duck is still working hard on its coverage! (Well, actually, at the time of this recording, he was preparing for the con!) At any rate, today's No Borders No Race

Nothing feels more atmospheric than the Japanese countryside. You feel something that goes beyond human comprehension, as if you’re being connected to the realm of spirits and the past. Maboroshi Artworks’s upcoming debut game Last Time I Saw You captures

The Behemoth first took on the gaming world in 2004 with Alien Hominid, where a cute-looking creature destroyed everything that moved to get their spaceship back. Now after nearly two decades, a proper sequel has finally arrived, in the form