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PAX EAST 2023 | "Last Time I Saw You"

PAX EAST 2023 | "Last Time I Saw You"

Nothing feels more atmospheric than the Japanese countryside. You feel something that goes beyond human comprehension, as if you’re being connected to the realm of spirits and the past. Maboroshi Artworks’s upcoming debut game Last Time I Saw You captures that essence, in a way that’ll resonate with players and lovers of the Japanese culture. At the Chorus Worldwide booth at PAX East, I had the chance to go hands-on with the prologue, and it left me eager to see where it goes from there.

The game has you playing a twelve-year old named Ayumi, who lives in the countryside in the 1980s. A typhoon is heading towards his town, leaving him and his friends worried. On top of that, Ayumi is having weird dreams involving a beautiful girl. Who is she, and what’s her connection to Ayumi?

In the demo, you get a good vibe of the what’s and how’s of Last Time I Saw You. You interact with your friends, run an errand for your mom, and have the opportunity to dust off the your batting capabilites. There’s also a hint of what may be happening to Ayumi and his mental state, as evident by the dreamy vibes that engulf the nearby Shinto shrine in town. However, the real meat of the game comes to life when you get to school.

With the typhoon drawing near, Ayumi and his classmates are told to head to the auditorium. That’s when our protagonist hears a familiar voice, one belonging to the mysterious girl. After doing a little snooping, the typhoon hits, and attached to it are mysterious spirits! Ayumi grabs a nearby bat, and begins to head to the auditorium whilst swinging away! But when he’s overwhelmed by one too many of them, she arrives…

This is exactly what I look for when it comes to narrative-driven side-scrollers. On top of the story being intriguing, the hand-drawn visuals are simply gorgeous to look at. It makes me think back to my time in Kasukabe last summer, with its traditional homes and small shops bringing a warm feeling into my heart. But where Last Time I Saw You gets it right is in its tone, one that feels comforting, while slightly uneasy in parts.

I’m excited to see what happens next to Ayumi in Last Time I Saw You. While its true nature is shrouded in mystery, the demo pulled back the curtain just enough to make me want to see the full unveil. It’ll be a bit of a wait before Maboroshi Artworks brings out the entire game, with 2024 being the eyed release year. Thankfully, its demo made sure Last Time I Saw You will stick in my mind until Ayumi’s full story is finally told.


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