December 2023

You would think that in a battle between humans and gods, the deities would triumph every single time. Yet in Record of Ragnarok, every human victory comes off as believable. With Jack the Ripper defeating the mighty Heracles, it’s now

There are trillions of cells living within one person. So it should come as no surprise that a story would humanize the likes of red & white blood cells, platelets, and macrophages. Of course, the first to do it were

Loss plays a big role in the narrative of Undead Unluck. No matter which side someone is fighting on, their reasons for doing what they do usually revolve around regaining someone precious. Currently, Andy is doing his best to bring

Her name may match a certain Sacha Baron Cohen character, but unlike the faux chav, Brooklyn's Aly G keeps it real and on the streets. Her attitude roars like a fire in her recent song "Super Power", as she whoops

I was very disappointed with the last volume of Fly Me to the Moon, as I felt like most of the book went almost nowhere with the main plot. Thankfully, that problem doesn’t exist in Volume Twenty, as we get

There’s a lot of anime surrounding people being reincarnated into a dating visual novel. However, it’s sometimes rare for said anime to get a visual novel of its own. Thankfully, the brilliant My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes

With the amount of strange creatures that Momo and Okarun have dealt with, it was high time for some of their comrades to now join the yokai roundup. Last time, it was Aira, who took on the aura of Acrobatic

We've come to the end of 2023, and the Duck Amuck in Japan crew share their picks on the best, worst, and weirdest things to come out of anime, video games, music, and movies! King Baby Duck talks about a

The clock is ticking for William James Moriarty. Now that Sherlock Holmes knows that he’s the Lord of Crime, the star of Moriarty the Patriot must move fast. Although he figures that this will all end with his death, Moriarty

When it comes to manga rom-coms, the culture festival arc is one of the big staples. It’s here where our two lovebirds can spend some real quality time together as they walk through a school at its liveliest. But in