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March 2023

The next round of North American guests have been announced for Anime Boston 2023, as the annual con welcomes Christina Kelly, Greg Ayres, and Keith Silverstein! Christina Kelly is an American actor and voice actor for Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks. Christina

Why oh why does Turnip Boy keep doing crime? First, he committed tax evasion, which resulted in him finding out some secrets about his father. Now, Snoozy Kazoo is getting him deeper in trouble, this time by giving him a

Can one be happy by bringing other people happiness? There’s a conundrum that comes with a person that’s in charge of making others grin from ear-to-ear. Sometimes it’s easy, but what if you have a day where the sunshine in

The worlds of pro wrestling and turn-based RPGs have been waiting to collide for decades. Tic Toc Games is finally opening the Forbidden Door that’s been keeping these worlds apart, with their upcoming title Wrestle Story. At PAX East, I

First thing’s first: Goodbye Volcano High is not a dinosaur dating sim game. Rather, it’s a narrative-driven story about the last year of high school. Well…to be fair, it’s the last year ever, as there’s a meteorite coming down to

Hockey is a brutal sport. Add magic to it, and you’ll have complete chaos. That seems to be the goal of RageCure Games’s Goons: Legends & Mayhem, an arcade-inspired sports game that hits the ice as hard as a dragon’s

On a mysterious island, strangeness reigns supreme. For many, that’s a problem; for Faye, the main heroine of Necrosoft’s Demonschool, that’s perfect! At PAX East, the latest demo was on display at the Ysbryd Games booth, as players have the

Sometimes the less you know, the more intriguing an experience you’ll have. That’s what I came to find when taking on Embers’s upcoming game Strayed Lights. At first, you’re pulled in by its atmosphere, only to be shook by its

Possums are both ugly and adorable. They’re the dorks of the marsupial world, with their beady eyes and long snouts being both intimidating and huggable. It’s why I took one look at Raw Fury and Cosy Computer’s Pizza Possum, and

I was full of happiness when Retroware announced Toxic Crusaders a couple of weeks ago. As a lover of all things Troma, the thought of Toxie and his gang getting a proper video game (you now, unlike those bad NES