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PAX EAST 2023 | "Wrestle Story"

PAX EAST 2023 | "Wrestle Story"

The worlds of pro wrestling and turn-based RPGs have been waiting to collide for decades. Tic Toc Games is finally opening the Forbidden Door that’s been keeping these worlds apart, with their upcoming title Wrestle Story. At PAX East, I was able to experience a slice of the game’s first chapter. From what I witnessed, I’m certain that this game is going to be a slobberknocker!

Taking place in a fictional universe, the realms of professional wrestling have been taking over by a gang of heels. As the babyface of this story, your mission is to reclaim these five areas — inspired by true pro wrestling home staples — for the good of wrestling fans everywhere. The first area has been taken over by a party-loving villain, who won’t defend his title for…let’s say Maxwell Jacob Friedman-like reasons. However, with your tag partner Carlos in tow, you must find a way to take that belt off this chump’s waist.

Fighting in Wrestle Story combines turn-based battles with QuickTime events, in a way similar to YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. Choosing either a simple attack or a special will require you to hit buttons or throttle your joystick in order to hit that perfect attack. Do it right, and the baddies take damage; be off by even a mere millisecond, and your attack will be botched. Once you fill up your Heat meter, you’ll then be able to unleash the pain in a rather impressive fashion.

Visually, Wrestle Story brings to mind Guacamelee!, thanks in part to its luchador-like color scheme and flamboyant attitude. Watching these characters duke it out is showcased in a beautifully cartoonish fashion, akin to the likes of Kinnikuman and its Ultimate Muscle sequel. Most impressive are the special attacks, which not only demonstrate the art of pro wrestling, but also the gorgeousness of an ultimate technique. It’s this combination that not only makes this game a feast for the fingertips, but also for the eyes.

Fans of both RPGs and pro wrestling will no doubt find plenty to love in Wrestle Story. Its gameplay mechanics are fun, and its presentation places plenty of love into the art of the sport. I’m excited to see what’s next in store for Tic Toc Games’s latest foray into gaming, and what I was able to witness gives me hope that Wrestle Story will be an undisputed champion in the RPG realm.

Wrestle Story is still in development, with a release date still to be determined. Until then, pump some iron and drink your milk, for the day to earn that title shot may soon be upon you!


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