On the latest Duck Amuck in Japan, King Baby Duck commits a grave sin, one that involves a place he tried to avoid like the plague. However, our host experiences a bunch of new things in Japan! Culture festivals, pro

Growing up, I loved pro wrestling. The likes of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ted DiBiase, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin seemed larger than life when I witnessed their matches. I’ve been on-again and off-again when it comes to watching pro

The worlds of pro wrestling and turn-based RPGs have been waiting to collide for decades. Tic Toc Games is finally opening the Forbidden Door that’s been keeping these worlds apart, with their upcoming title Wrestle Story. At PAX East, I

Hockey is a brutal sport. Add magic to it, and you’ll have complete chaos. That seems to be the goal of RageCure Games’s Goons: Legends & Mayhem, an arcade-inspired sports game that hits the ice as hard as a dragon’s

After complaining about the MBTA for the umpteenth time, King Baby Duck finds plenty of heart in the new sport anime Ippon Again! Two thieving teams join forces in Lupin The 3rd Vs. Cat's Eye, with mixed results. And on

B3 gets a little Aussie and kawaii, as King Baby Duck welcomes to the show the icon Ladybeard! After talking about 2022 and holiday plans, the bearded one shares his history on how he came to Japan, alongside his wrestling

Picture in your mind that you’re the greatest golfer in the world. You’re on the 18th hole in the sport’s biggest tournament, with only a couple of swings away from breaking world records. But as you line up your winning

Picture this: golf has become the biggest underground racketeering game in the world. The mafia use the game to settle all things big and small, with some having state-of-the-art course builders. One player seeks to play big in order to

In November 2000, a video game was released that changed the foundation of professional wrestling titles. Its name: WWF No Mercy! Meanwhile, across the Pacific, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color was about to get its own time in the ring,