July 2023

It’s been a hell of a ride watching Senku and the Kingdom of Science attempting to revive all of humanity. From the very moment Taiju awoke from his stone prison and the events of the Stone Wars, all the way

Spring 2023 wasn’t just packed with plenty of new anime; they also managed to squeeze in a bunch of returning favorites! From science-loving weirdos and the sweetest couple around to a certain king-to-be, there was a lot that the anime

Who do you root for if the one against your kind is a people’s champion, and the one on your side is a psychopath? It’s a conundrum that comes to mind when reading the sixth and seventh volumes of Record

Beau Jennings gets what makes a great American rock & roll song. His latest single "People in This Town" is in the same vein as Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and John Fogerty. But it's no mere nod to these classic

If Tomie is Junji Ito at his most creepy and unsettling, then Soichi is him at his most zany. The grade-schooler with a unique nail-biting habit is always causing mischief upon family and classmates. However, he’s no Dennis the Menace

There’s a point where a vigilante transforms into the hero they aspire to be. Volume Fourteen of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes brings that moment to The Crawler, who is in the midst of fighting No. 6. On top of protecting

It took me awhile to trust Bloober Team. After all, my first experience with them was with 2014’s Basement Crawl, a Bomberman-like action game that was too broken for me to even write a review about it! Yet in just

Life is about taking chances. Whether big or small, we put something at risk in order to achieve the things we want. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is all about taking the biggest chances, as Akira and the

All good things must come to an end, and No Borders No Race is no exception..for the time being. King Baby Duck is heading to Japan, and his pals EliteFourDerek, the Wicked Anime crew, Abstract Japan's TylerAbstract, and future funk

There’s a science to comedy. It’s not just about getting on stage and telling jokes; you also got to test the air and the waters that engulf it. Depending on the audience, a great joke can sometimes fall on its