December 2022

Kanna’s Daily Life isn’t just a mere spinoff of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Penned by Mitsuhiro Kimura, the stories involving the smol dragon and her friend Saikawa add a lot more layers to their characters. They’re not always perfect adventures,

Seven years ago, a story about a creepy clown first hit the video game realm. Dropsy was a concoction that fit well with Devolver Digital’s library, as it had that weird-yet-nostalgic essence all over it. Years later, the frightful-looking clown

B3 gets a little Aussie and kawaii, as King Baby Duck welcomes to the show the icon Ladybeard! After talking about 2022 and holiday plans, the bearded one shares his history on how he came to Japan, alongside his wrestling

Despite her influence on The Velvet Underground, rarely anyone brings up the muse known as Nico. Indie rock legend Chris Connelly aims to change that, on his double LP album Eulogy to Christa: A Tribute to the Music & Mistique

There’s a reason why many consider Fist of the North Star the greatest shonen manga ever written. While brutal violence has been around in manga since Go Nagai gave us Devilman and Violence Jack, Kenshiro’s story goes one step beyond

It’s one thing to just buy something lovely; to make it is a different ballgame all-in-all. Sure, there may be some rough spots on the final product, and you may be prone to injury here and there. But in the

2022 gave us many phenomenal albums, but nothing wowed King Baby Duck, AFLM, and JonStar quite like Fellowship's debut album The Saberlight Chronicles. Today, the trio welcomes to the show lead singer Matthew Corry to bestow Fellowship the title of

As co-founder of Playdead, Dino Patti had already made a name for himself in the gaming realm. The “say less, show more” approach to his titles helped to make the likes of Limbo and Inside household names. Now with the

Our look back at 2022 continues, as King Baby Duck counts down the very best records released throughout the entire world (sans Japan, of course)! From masked country singers and evil popes to folk punk heroes, No Borders No Race

No matter where Taro Sakamoto goes, trouble follows. From amusement parks to museums, our Sakamoto Days hero can’t catch a breather. Thankfully, he’s got plenty of skills to take on any deadly situation, not to mention a crew of capable