July 2022

WARNING: The following manga discussed in this review is intended for readers 18 & older. In other words:   (Pic from FlorkOfCows) If you thought Shuzo Oshimi was a man who just liked screwing with his readers, well…you’re definitely right. His means of

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Love was truly in the air during the Spring 2022 season. New candidates for anime’s best couple arrived via such series as Aharen-san wa Hakarenai and Love After World Domination, with both series delivering some satisfying rom-com goodness. But beneath

It's long, thick, and full of many great discussions! All of it is perfect for No Borders No Race's 300th episode! King Baby Duck welcomes Wicked Anime's AFLM, JonStar, Security Guy Greg, and The League's Clay N. Ferno as they

Diamonds may be forever, but that doesn’t mean they won’t crack. Senku and the rest of the Kingdom of Science find this out in the twenty-first volume of Dr. STONE, as they unravel a new mystery. Now in South America,

A warrior’s life begins at a young age. It starts with training by a Master, as they hone their skills both offensively and defensively. But one day, the trainee will need that Master no more, be it due to learning

Imagine being born with the worst luck imaginable. You always miss the bus by mere seconds, cars splash puddles on your new clothes, and you inadvertently get involved in a ball game when said ball bonks you right in the

How can one top the badassery that is Record of Ragnarok? The mere concept of the strongest gods against the strongest humans would give anyone dopamine highs and adrenaline pumps. Its first volume started off on a great note, with

Even in a foggy gaze, Weimar just wants to cut the floor. On their debut album Dancing On A Volcano, the grooves they create transcend between B-52's-like new wave and Spanish tango. It results in a record that itches to

The Boston Bastard Brigade and Anime Herald chat with J-POP and Anisong performer ASCA at this year's Anime Boston! Hear about her musical inspirations, the unvisited genres she wishes to dabble in, and what motivates her when she performs! http://www.bostonbastardbrigade.com/podcast/ab2022/AB2022ASCA.mp3 Special thanks

Picture this: golf has become the biggest underground racketeering game in the world. The mafia use the game to settle all things big and small, with some having state-of-the-art course builders. One player seeks to play big in order to