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In November 2000, a video game was released that changed the foundation of professional wrestling titles. Its name: WWF No Mercy! Meanwhile, across the Pacific, SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color was about to get its own time in the ring,

Readers of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro will know that Senpai is pretty damn vulnerable. He’s got a list a flaws a mile long, all of which are gleefully pointed out by our titular heroine. But as the series

When The Ember Glows lays down a track, it transports you to a full-on sonic dreamscape. Martin Saint's vocals drags you into a spiral of love, whilst Dan Stefik's drums shield you from the sadness. As bassist Kevin Hills paves

Nature is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it welcomes us with the beauty of its forests and flowers. Other times, nature can be deadly, with plenty of poisonous and dangerous creatures roaming its paths. The most villainous of all is the

The history of Phantom Breaker in the West is a strange one. Up until this year, the only title in 5pb.’s franchise that’s made it over here has been its side-scrolling spinoff Battle Grounds. However, its original fighting incarnations —

When We Never Learn first started being published in the US in 2018, I honestly thought it wasn’t anything special. Sure, it was nicely-drawn and it had some good characters, but its first volume wasn’t at all groundbreaking. But there

Comedy is subjective. What might be funny to some won’t be funny to others. I’ve experienced this plenty of times with anime, as Japanese humor can sometimes go over my head. Thankfully, when an anime takes a cue from classic

When people call Osamu Tezuka the God of Manga, it’s not just a clever nickname. In actuality, the man behind Astro Boy and Dororo was responsible for the creation of all kinds of genres and sub-genres in the medium. On

They're loud, annoying, and very annoying! Which is which? We don't know! But the Boston Bastard Brigade, Anime Herald, Anime-Zing Radio, Honey's Anime, and Looper sit down with the LAVA trio of Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, and Max Mittelman at