September 2022

Some of the more fun rom-coms involve big misunderstandings. They can be misread cues, or perhaps the usage of a word or phrase that has multiple meanings. For the duo in Miss Miyazen Would Love to Get Closer to You,

Oof. Can that just be the review? No? Sigh, okay then. I feel like longtime fans of Satoshi Mizukami can’t catch a break. His works — despite being critically acclaimed — have never been adapted in anime form, with the 2005-2010 manga

Everybody gets jealous, even those who are as cool as a cucumber. Despite looking like nothing troubles her, Tsukasa does have her fair share of insecurities. With Nasa now working at an all-girls school, her pining for her husband becomes

King Baby Duck realizes that there are many more stories about his Japan trip he never told, but decides to wait another day to reveal more. After all, there's a lot to talk about when Wicked Anime's Security Guy Greg

For over forty years, the Gundam franchise has showcased the art and brilliance of mechs in combat. And it all began in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam, the show that would launch multiple spinoffs, toys, video games, and model kits.

To be a hero, one must be strong, fearless, and determined. In short: you can’t be a chicken. That’s what I used to think, until Shū Sakuratani’s Rooster Fighter entered my life. How does one explain a premise that’s so

Not all heroes wear capes, but some like to keep things clean. Samurai Punk proved this will a little game called Roombo: First Blood. While on the short side, it showed a lot of potential for what could be a

It takes a long time for some folks to find their place in the world. To be expected to figure all this out before graduating high school, well that’s an even bigger challenge! Hence why a character like Akari —

It was on June 5, 2018 when Shameless Tuesdays first hit the Boston Bastard Brigade. A collaboration with Shameless Promotion PR, this segment served as a means to promote indie artists in a different way. On top of giving these

There are two different things that could happen if you give an author free rein. Half of the time, the work may find itself being overwhelming, to the point of it being almost too hard to read. The other half