February 2023

The annual South By Southwest Festival is just around the corner, and King Baby Duck's got you covered! Over a dozen Japanese acts (and a couple of Boston ones) are on display, with the where's and when's people can see

Jeez, there sure are a lot of high school romance stories in anime! Don’t get me wrong: a lot of them are great, but it’s sometimes weird to relate to teenage characters when someone like me is…not a teenager. Sometimes

All of the little pieces of evidence are starting to come together in Moriarty the Patriot. While it’s no secret to us that William James Moriarty is the Lord of Crime, Sherlock Holmes is still hypothesizing on his involvement. Yet

A Fire Nation royal, a Phantom Thief, and a Beast Titan are heading on over to Anime Boston this year, as the annual con welcomes Dante Basco, Erika Harlacher, and Jason Liebrecht to their roster! Dante Basco is an accomplished, long-standing

To get over an ex, some turn to fun activities or -- in worse cases -- hit the sauce too hard. Not Mieri Hiranishi, who took her heartache and transformed it into her debut manga The Girl That Can't Get

There is no entertainment profession that’s as challenging as being a comedian. With comedy being a subjective thing, making the entire world laugh is easier said than done. It’s a craft that’s taken years for people like Jim Jefferies, Ali

They may have just released the EP These Will Be Your Gods, but The Noise Who Runs isn't stopping anytime soon. Preteretrospective, their next album due on April 7, is a record that duo Ian Pickering and Felipe Goes hopes

Here’s a challenge for you: can a story with a problematic premise still manage to be good? Many times over, that answer will be a hard “no”, with exclamation points that are lit on fire to get the point across.

Anime Boston happens in less than two months, and their first four North American guests have now been revealed! A mixture of newcomers and veterans, voice actors Brandon McInnis, Emi Lo, Sarah Natochenny, and J. Michael Tatum will be appearing

I often find myself admiring what Tamifull’s How Do We Relationship? has accomplished. On top of it being a solid LGBTQ+ manga series, it also gets what adult dating is like these days. Sometimes it goes well, and other times