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Anvil and Blueonic went down to see some awesome fights Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The fight card was absolutely great, with well-rounded fights all around.

If you just take a look at this Neuralyzer here, you'll find the answers to the questions best left unknown.

Can you sink the Bastards' battleship? Statistics

It is with most regret that the Bastards have to indulge themselves with some, as they say, fresh blood.

Avengers time. C'mon, grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands!

Last night the three of us made the trek to the Plymouth Memorial Hall to catch Cage Titans' latest fight card. With ten amateur fights and five pro matches the night was filled with many great hits, submissions, and even a little controversy...

Recorded once upon a midnight dreary, while Bastards pondered weak and weary...