July 2012

It's another super-sized Podcast episode. All gaming, some tangents! Plus the Issues Guy joins in on the fun!

The night of Cage Titans: Prevail was absolutely glorious, as it was sold out in its entirety with wall-to-wall of fighters, fans, and press. Yet again Michael Polvere and his crew did a great job with the event. The big screen was up, the music was pumping, and everyone was amped to be there.

This fat boy just got a Kinect, and I had to get my hands on MotionSports Adrenaline. These are the types of things that I want to do in real life, but never get to because I'm a bit on the big side. I can tell you one thing: this can give your fat arse a workout!

At the Microsoft Presser Event at E3 this year a little-known title called Wreckateer from Iron Galaxy Studios took me by surprise, and my experience with it on the floors of the convention had me singing nothing but praise. However with the full-game in my possession, does Wreckateer know how to entertain its players without seeming repetitive?

Three hundred episodes is quite the milestone, as any Podcast or TV show would give their right arm to make that many. Our friends at the ElectricSistaHood have done just that this week, with fists raised triumphantly.

Comics, comics, comics! The Bastards get neck-deep into the realm of superheroes and powers beyond human capabilities, and they called in a specialist to help with the matter...

Blood, sweat, and tears were on the menu at the recent Cage Titans event in Dover, NH, and it was served by the bountiful! With bleacher seats all filled up, many fans were forced to stand by the wayside as the fighters went head-on in many battles of speed, strength, and mentality.

Toronto-bred and Brooklyn-based rockers (and stars of the current season of The Real L Word) Hunter Valentine are ready to recruit new listeners and reenlist their fans for their latest album, and they are looking to accomplish this with some big teasers.

In this messed up world, when you're a leader or a son of a leader, you always need a double. It's always something when you want to make an appearance. Perhaps it's best you do send in your double in case someone takes a shot at you, or at least your legacy.

MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies' first annual Festival of Indie Games has grabbed themselves a couple of well-known curators for its inaugural event.