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Cage Titans: Prevail Results (July 27, 2012)

Cage Titans: Prevail Results (July 27, 2012)

The night of Cage Titans: Prevail was absolutely glorious, as it was sold out in its entirety with wall-to-wall of fighters, fans, and press. Yet again Michael Polvere and his crew did a great job with the event. The big screen was up, the music was pumping, and everyone was amped to be there.

One of the most hardest working Individuals in the business of New England MMA, Michael Polvere.


170lbs – Asi-yahola Somburu (0-0, Doomsday) vs Brian Morales (0-0, Team Trifecta)


We apologize for the lack of coverage on this fight due to traffic. We had just come into the hall when it had just started, and it ended within the first round.

145lbs – Dan Dubuque (0-0, American Top Team) vs Scott Dwyer (0-0, USMMA)

Round 1: Dan comes out with a couple shots, but nothing too serious. Dubuque has Dwyer pressed up against the cage. Dubuque was able to put in a couple knees and punches in the clinch. Dwyer got in a leg trip and gain top position. With the struggle brought back up to standing, Dwyer was able to get in a few more punches in a clinch until the round ended.

Round 2: Dubuque comes out with a couple kicks, and Dwyer moves in to the clinch with a hip toss. Dwyer was able to switch over in a reversal to get to the back of Dubuque, but has failed attempts of getting in a submission. Dwyer gets in a rear-naked choke situation, but doesn’t tap. Dubuque works on trying to wear him down up until the end of the round.

Round 3: Durbuque comes in with a couple of hits, and then it ends up on the ground with Dubuque on top in full guard. Dwyer was able to get in top position, working on ground and pound from a side position. Dwyer soon got to the backside and attempt a rear-naked choke until the buzzer sound. This one goes to the cards.


185lbs – Isaiah Queen (1-0, Team Anubis) vs Mike Rodriguez (1-0, Team Trifecta)

Mike comes out with some front kicks, but Isaiah comes in, clutches Mike, and attempts to drop him. Mike tossed some deadly knees with Queen against the cage. Queen was able to accomplish a leg sweep to get Rodriguez to the ground. Rodriguez does a reversal and gets on top of Queen while dealing devastating blows. With Queen being flat out on the ground Rodriguez is able to keep throwing strikes until the referee stopped the match.


148lbs – Stefanos Kampouris (0-0, New England Martial Arts) vs Manny Bermuedez (0-0, SSSF)

Round 1: Both fighters -- in their first amateur bout -- come out swinging with minimal hits. Kampouris had Bermuedez up against the cage. Bermuedez was able to leg sweep and get Kampouris to the ground, dropping hammer fists on Kampouris body and head. Kampouris was able to slow the fight with some jujitsu, but Bermudez punched him down with heavy shots. Kampouris performed a reversal and ended up on top.

Round 2: Kampouris comes out swinging, but is brought into a clinch. While Bermudez was on the ground Kampouris picked up Bermudez and dropped him hard to the canvas. Bermudez did some side control via hammer fists, and then performed a triangle choke. Kampouris had no choice but to tap out.


135lbs – Ken Markwart (0-1, 10th Planet JJ) vs JP White (1-1, Lauzon MMA)

Round 1: White comes out with an overhand right to start the match. Both fighters ended up in a clinch against the cage, with White against the back. The fighters trade knee strikes in the clinch, waiting for the opportune moment to accomplish a takedown or leg sweep. White was able to take down Markwart and give a few strikes, before both ended up back in the standing clinch. The fight goes to the next round.

Round 2: Both fighters come out with good shots on one another, but soon find themselves back into the clinch.  Markwart was able to take down White, and attempt a rear-naked choke that was soon reversed. White was able to do some punishing blows on the face of Markwart as the round came to an end.

Round 3: Both fighters come out and throw a couple failed punches. Another clinch occurs, but it soon ends up on the ground with Markwart on top. Markwart had blood coming out from the bridge of his nose. White was able to roll over Markwart into what seems like an arm bar submission, with Markwart soon tapping out.


Heavyweight Bout – Floran Kacaku (0-0, Doomsday) vs Anthony Pepdjonovic (1-0, Team Trifecta)

Round one starts, and both fighters are working on each other in a clash of warriors. Soon Kacaku performs a leg kick, which causes them to end up with a clinch. Pepdjonovic was able to sink in a hard rear-naked choke to end the match 1:09 in the first round.

WINNER VIA SUBMISSION: Anthony Pepdjonovic

135lbs – Shayne Stephenson (2-3, Independant) vs Mark Cardarelli (1-1, USMMA)

Round 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves. Cardarelli comes out with a few kicks, and is switched into a clinch where Stephenson did a guillotine choke and dropped to the canvas hard. Cardarelli was not stunned by this, and was able to get out of the choke hold. Cardarelli is on top, but it seemed that Stephenson had an arm bar attempt. Cardarelli dropped a few hammer fists and now in a stalemate. Stephenson worked on trying to get a submission, but failed again. Cardarelli was able to reverse and get into full guard and put some bombs on Stephenson as the round ended.

Round 2: Cardarelli started off this round with a shooting takedown. Cardarelli had side control, which quickly changed to Stephenson on top in half guard trying to work on Cardarelli. Stephenson tried for another choke submission, but it was another failed attempt. Cardarelli was able to turn it around and get an arm bar in, submitting Stephenson 2:50 into the second round.


145lbs – Rourke Devlin (1-0, Death Roll Fight Team) vs Ricky Proctor (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Proctor comes out swinging, ending up in the clinch with Devlin on the back of Proctor. Devlin sunk in a rear-naked choke, with Proctor fighting it off as much as possible tapping out 0:54 into the first round.


Heavyweight Bout – Edward Gillis (0-0, Doomsday) vs Eddie Cornet (0-0, 8 Elements Striking Academy)

Round 1: Gillis comes in with what seem like a tackle into the cage, which ends up with Gillis on the top with some devastating punches to Cornet. Cornet stands up, but is brought right back down by Gillis. Gillis got in a full guard and hammer fisted Cornet in the head up until the round's end.

Round 2: Cornet comes out swinging, but it looks like Gillis is trying to shoot in to bring it to the ground. Gillis tackles Cornet against the cage and brings it down to the ground. Gillis works on the back side of Cornet. Cornet seems to not be able to strike back, but was protecting himself as best he could. Gillis rolls Cornet over and jumps into the full guard. He looked like he was going into a Americana or Kimura, but was unsuccessful. Both fighters tried to stand up, but was brought to the ground again with Gillis in the full guard, giving devastating punches to Cornet till the end of the round.

Round 3: Gillis went in for the clinch, and was able to submit Cornet with an arm triangle submission 0:28 into the third round.


120lbs – Shane Decristoforo (2-3, Team United) vs Remo Cardarelli (1-0, USMMA)

The round started off with both fighters swinging for the fences, ending up on the ground shortly with Decristoforo on top. Both fighters were able to stand up, where Cardarelli was able to bring Decristoforo to the ground. Cardarelli got on Decristoforo's back and performed devastating swings to wear him down. Cardarelli soon got Decristoforo into a triangle choke hold, tapping out 2:47 into the first round.


195lbs – Anthony Soto (0-2, Rukus) vs Matt Haney (0-0, SSSF)

Round 1: Both fighters come out and start feeling out one another for the first 30 seconds. Soto was able to come in with some blows to the face and drop Haney with his back to the cage. Haney was dazed, but able to keep his composure on the ground with a few more punches from Soto. Soto was on top in half guard, but decided to stand up this fight. Both fighters seemed to be dancing around one another, waiting to counter each other’s moves. Haney tried to shoot in but ended up falling over. Soto was able to hop on top and take control once again, but backs off to stand the fight as the round ended.

Round 2: Haney tried to come in with a couple punches, with Haney’s back soon to the cage. Not a lot of striking went on in this match, as both fighters worked on one another against the cage. The fight goes to ground, and Haney started to hammer fist Soto to the head multiple times. Soto started bleeding from his nose, as he is now on top of Haney and performing some devastating shots. Haney seemed tired, but this round soon ended.

Round 3: Soto is the first one to land punches on to Haney, which spins him around. Soto tosses Haney to the ground, where he finished off Haney with hammer fists and elbows until the referee put a stop to the match.

WINNER VIA TKO: Anthony Soto

200lbs – Nick Muto (2-0, CCFA) vs Joey DiSalvo (0-0, Team Trifecta)

Round 1: Muto starts with a couple punches, but DiSalvo pushed him into the cage and takes down Muto. Muto attempted to kick out of his bottom position. DiSalvo was able to get into half guard and land a few devastating hammer fists. Muto tried for an arm bar, and DiSalvo answered back with a pick up and hard drop to the canvas. (The crowd went wild after that shot.) DiSalvo was able to get into the side position, working on getting a side choke submission. The match goes back to standing, but the fight seemed to stop for a second due to a mouth piece falling out from DiSalvo mouth. The fight comes back on, and they go back at it. Both fighters ended up in the clinch, where it goes into the next round.

Round 2: Both fighters come out swinging, and it ends up with DiSalvo bull dogging his way into a clinch and an amazing hip toss. DiSalvo was working hammer fists, but Muto stood the fight back up. Both fighters are swinging for the fences, as well as giving each other knees. Muto looked like he was going for a guillotine choke, but DiSalvo lifted Muto and dropped him to the canvas once more as the end of the round came.

Round 3: Muto takes control with putting DiSalvo against the cage, but a reversal from DiSalvo brings it to the match once again. DiSalvo gets the back of Muto, and is able to sink in a rear-naked choke for the tap out.



145lb Amateur Title Fight

Matt Tullos (3-0, Connors MMA) vs 'Title Holder' Cory Pickering (4-1, SSSF)

Round 1: Tullos comes in with a takedown, and is working on getting past the guard. Pickering attempted to get an arm bar, but Tullos was able to shake out of it and get back into the half guard. Tullos got on top, working on the body and head of Pickering. Pickering was able to stand up and it goes on until the end of the round.

Round 2: Pickering was able to knock over Tullos in the first few seconds of the round, soon getting into a half guard on Tullos. Tullos was able to stand it back up, and was able to get Pickering on his heels and knock him back into the cage and onto the ground. Tullos dropped some heavy bombs, but it soon turned over to Pickering where he stood up. Both fighters are going toe-to-toe in this match. Tullos was able to give a knee to the face of Pickering, before being brought to the ground with Tullos on top with hammer fists as the round reached its end.

Round 3: Both fighters ended up in the clinch, and with a leg sweep Pickering was able to bring the fight to the mat. While on the ground Tullos is in the side position and gave multiple knees to the side of Pickering. Tullos was able to roll over and get on to the back of Pickering for an attempt at the rear naked choke, but the round came to an end.

Round 4: Both fighters came out, and it went to the clinch as it goes onto the ground. Tullos went for a clutch on Pickering, wearing him down Pickering as he got a rear-naked choke for the win.


Pro Middleweight Fight

Erik Sommer (1-1, CTMMA) vs Roger Brackett (5-3, Lakeville MMA)

The fighters come out, and Sommer takes Brackett down to the ground. Sommer was on top until Brackett was attempting a submission which rolled them back over. Sommer is back on top in the side position, trying to wear down Brackett with some punches to the head. Sommer locks in a rear-naked choke, and wins at 2:31 in the first round.


Pro Heavyweight Fight

John Johnston (2-0, Sityodtong) vs Garrett Moldoff (Pro Debut, Death Roll Fight Team)

Both fighters come out and touch gloves. Johnston gets hit a few times, and seemed to be scrambling from Moldoff. Both are hammering away at one another. Johnston was able to hit Moldoff down and in the head a few times before the referee stopped the match 0:50 into the first round.

WINNER VIA TKO: John Johnston

Pro 180lb Catchweight Fight

John Downey (Team Extreme) vs Bill Mahoney (SSSF)

Downey shoots in on Mahoney, lifts him up, and drops him to the canvas. Mahoney quickly was able to submit Downey with an arm bar.


Pro 170lb Welterweight Fight

Chip Pollard (6-4, CCFA) vs Ricardo Georges (0-2, Team Pradal Serey)

Round 1: Both fighters looked to make the first real contact. Georges comes out with a kick to the mid-section on Pollard. Pollard comes back with a low leg kick. Ricardo comes in with a few punches, then takes the front leg out from under Pollard with another kick. Pollard was able to get in a few punches, but Ricardo was able to get a few more kicks into the left leg of Pollard. Georges was able to come in again with kick to the side of Pollard, and both fighters are going back and forth with punches and kicks. Pollard came back with a kick to Georges, which made him stumble but went forward towards on the attack towards the end of the round.

Round 2: The round started with Georges coming out with a first kick, followed by Pollard punching Georges in the face. Both fighters kept throwing punches and kicks but not many were landing. Pollard kicked Georges in the mid-section, and Georges answered back with the same. Georges was able to hit him with a punch, and also come down with a side kick to the ribs of Pollard. Both fighters are going toe-to-toe. Ricardo was able to shoot in after a kick thrown by Pollard and sweep him to the ground, but Pollard quickly jumped up. Georges kept Pollard at bay with front kicks. Pollard was able to come around with a high kick to Georges's head. Georges seemed unfazed by the kick. Pollard came in with a hook to the right arm of Georges. Georges answered back with a kick to the mid-section. George attempted a takedown, but failed as the round ended.

Round 3: Georges was able to come out with a low kick, which is answered back by a kick from {ollard. Pollard tries to move forward toward Georges, and he counters with blocks and a few punches. (This is a great stand-up battle. This is how most matches should go.) Pollard tries to come in with a cross, but was unsuccessful on landing it. Georges attempted to shoot in, but fails to take down Pollard. The fighters get into a clinch and Pollard gave Georges a few knees. Georges had his back against the cage, taking shots from Pollard. Pollard threw a kick, but was blocked away from Georges. A flying knee was tossed by Pollard, but missed Georges. The round ends, both fighters congratulate one another, and it goes to the judges.


Pro 155lb Lightweight Title Fight

Jimmy Davidson (4-0, Sityodtong) vs Anniss El Hajjajy (6-3, Team Pradal Serey)

Round 1: Both fighters come out testing each other, with no punches thrown in the first 30 seconds. Hajjajy tried to shoot in, but failed in the take down. Hajjajy hit Davidson with a few punches, which was answered back with a kick. Hajjajy was able to hit with two kicks in a row. Hajjajy attempted a shoot-in, but ended up in a clinch with his back against the cage. Davidson worked on Hajjajy, and was able to get a guillotine choke on Davidson. The match was brought to the ground, where it ended with Davidson on top in half guard, and Hajjajy on the bottom. Davidson worked on posturing up, before the fight went back to standing as the round ended.

Round 2: Davidson started it off by throwing three kicks. Hajjajy connected with one kick, and missed connecting with a roundhouse kick. Davidson was able to take Hajjajy down to the ground into a top position. Hajjajy took a shot to the head by Davidson, as Davidson was able to get on the back of Hajjajy. Hajjajy worked on getting Davidson off his back, as it shortly goes back to the ground. Davidson is wearing down Hajjajy with punches to the mid-section. Hajjajy was able to get out of a rear-naked choke and brought the fight back up and charged at Davidson. Hajjajy had a couple shots before Davidson brought it back to the ground. Davidson attempted a submission, but Hajjajy was able to slip out of it. Hajjajy got top control, landing a few more punches until the end of the round.

Round 3: After both fighters touched gloves, Hajjajy had a failed attempt at a flying knee. Both fighters exchange punches. Hajjajy connects with a couple, and it goes to the ground where it ends up in a north/south position and into a side-mounted reversal for Davidson. Davidson attempted to get in the hooks on Hajjajy for another rear-naked choke attempt, but Hajjajy gave him a run for his money, fighting off the ground work with a few punches to the head of Davidson. The round soon comes to an end.

Round 4: Davidson attempted for a takedown but failed. Davidson had Hajjajy against the cage, and ended up in a reversal. Both fighters returned to the middle of the ring to keep this a stand-up fight. Hajjajy comes in with a a combination on Davidson, and seemed to have Davidson on his heels a bit. Davidson tried to shoot in for another takedown, but failed once more. Hajjajy was working on a combination and was able to get in a knee while pressing Davidson into the cage. Hajjajy was able to take down Davidson to have it come back up to a stand-up fight once again. Hajjajy seems to be the aggressor in this round, as he was able to get Davidson down to the ground in side control and get in over five hammer fists to Davidson head. Hajjajy was on the back of Davidson attempting a rear-naked choke, but the horn sounded to end the round.

Round 5: Davidson shoots in on Hajjajy on the ground, and brought it back to standing before going back to the ground. Davidson went on the back of Hajjajy, failing at an attempted submission. Hajjajy soon had Davidson against the cage, but Davidson reversed it and had side control. Davidson began punching Hajjajy in the head numerous amounts of times with hammer fists, causing Hajjajy to throw in the towel 3:38 into the fifth round.


This was another Great event held at the Plymouth Memorial Hall. Special thanks to Michael Polvere, the crew of Cage Titans, and Rich O's Photography.

For more photos from the event, be sure to check out our Cage Titans Photo Album on the official B3 Facebook page!

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