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July 2012

If  guns, military coups, backstabbing, killing bad guys, and nudity are your thing, then Strike Back is a show for you! Thank you, Skinemax!

The last thing shown during Nintendo's Press Conference was something that would bring the core and casual gamers alike together in one fun place: Nintendo Land. Composed of twelve mini-games that can be played by up to five people Nintendo Land features all the classic Nintendo characters under one roof in different styles of gameplay. At E3 I was able to go head-to-head with other players on the five mini-games being shown on the floor.

For Xbox Live Arcade trials last week there were Bellator: MMA Onslaught and Spelunky. Could be worse, but I've been wrong before...

Great turnout for the dual events being held at the Team Sityodtong gym by Cage Titans. For the dual events they are holding, the turnout met expectations and then some. As you can see above they are holding the first event on July 21st at Dover Ice Arena. Then on Friday July 27th at Plymouth Memorial Hall. Go get your tickets now!

One of the best titles on Sega Saturn is coming back in a big way!

Oooohhhh yeaaahhh!!! It's a beautiful thing when you can conquer a world with only two wheels, especially after Redlynx upped the graphics and the level of difficulty in the latest incarnation of the Trials series.

Double Fine is one company to never worry about when it comes to trying something different, whether it's combining action gaming with RTS elements (Brutal Legend) or making an adventure game starring matryoshka dolls (Stacking). For their next venture Double Fine has hired the legendary Ron Gilbert, whose work in Maniac Mansion and the original Monkey Island series is renowned for its combination of unique gameplay mechanics with highly entertaining storytelling. When the two forces combined they created The Cave, a side-scrolling adventure game that promises to challenge your brain and tickle your funny bone at the same time.

After nearly a two-year absence, a fallen Bastard arises from the ashes and rejoins the brotherhood!