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Cage Titans Press Event 7-8-2012 held at Team Sityodtong Gym

Cage Titans Press Event 7-8-2012 held at Team Sityodtong Gym

Great turnout for the dual events being held at the Team Sityodtong gym by Cage Titans. For the dual events they are holding, the turnout met expectations and then some. As you can see above they are holding the first event on July 21st at Dover Ice Arena. Then on Friday July 27th at Plymouth Memorial Hall. Go get your tickets now!

Here is the fight card for the July 21st event being held at the Dover Arena in New Hampshire.


170lbs – Ryan Lucas (0-0, Pitbull) vs AJ Davis (1-1, Team Kaze)

155lbs – Mike Matrinko (0-0, Doomsday) vs Rob Moser (0-0, Dragon Warrior)

185lbs – Isaiah Queen (0-0, Team Anubis) vs Chris Dubey (0-0, Combat Sports)

145lbs – Brett Morris (3-1, Rivera Athletics) vs Derek Shorey (2-4, The Shop)

190lbs – Doug Stone (0-0, Sityodtong NS) vs Allan Josselyn (1-1, Team Kaze)

145lbs – Chris Violette (0-0, Team Burgess) vs Kurt Daniels (0-1, The Factory)

140lbs – Jay Perrin (1-1, Triumph MMA) vs Kyle Bockniak (1-1, Team Link)

205lbs – Kevin Haley (1-0, Team Anubis) vs Nolan Brown (0-1, Team Havoc)

155lbs – Isaiah Gomez (2-1, Sityodtong NS) vs John Healey (3-2, The Shop)

170lbs – Peter San Antonio (5-3, Pitbull) vs Toby Oden (3-0, Rivera Athletics)

160lbs – Will Chan (3-1, South Shore Sportfighting) vs RJ Letendre (2-1, The Shop)


155 Amateur Title Fight

Vovka Clay (2-0, Triumph MMA) vs Skip Libby (3-1, The Shop)

Pro Heavyweight Fight

Artie Mullen (2-9, MMA of Southern Maine) vs Adam Rivera (2-2, The Shop)

Pro 180lb Catch weight Fight

Joe Cloutier (Pro Debut, Doomsday) vs Josh Mellen (1-9, Rivera Athletics)

Pro 155lb Lightweight Fight

Andrew Robertson (0-2, MMA of Southern Maine) vs Devin Powell (1-0, The Shop)

Pro 135lb Bantamweight Fight

Johnny Campbell (3-2, South Shore Sportfighting) vs Adam Toussaint (5-4, Team Havoc)

Pro 145lb Featherweight Fight

Shaun Marmas (3-3-1, Integrated Martial Arts) vs Bill Jones (10-6, The Shop)

Below is the fight card for the July 27th's event being held at Plymouth Memorial Hall New in Plymouth, MA.


170lbs – Asi-yahola Somburu (0-0, Doomsday) vs Brian Morales (0-0, Team Trifecta)

145lbs – Dan Dubuque (0-0, American Top Team) vs Scott Dwyer (0-0, USMMA)

148lbs – Stefanos Kampouris (0-0, New England Martial Arts) vs Manny Bermuedez (0-0, SSSF)

185lbs – Paul Virgin (0-0, Doomsday) vs Mike Rodriguez (1-0, Team Trifecta)

135lbs – Ken Markwart (0-1, 10th Planet JJ) vs JP White (1-1, Lauzon MMA)

135lbs – Shayne Stephenson (2-3, Independant) vs Mark Cardarelli (1-1, USMMA)

HW – Floran Kacaku (0-0, Doomsday) vs Anthony Pepdjonovic (1-0, Team Trifecta)

150lbs - Eric McLaughlin (0-0, Woodland) vs Joey Beaumont (0-0, Team Black Out)

195lbs - Anthony Soto (0-2, Rukus) vs Matt Haney (0-0, SSSF)

HW – Edward Gillis (0-0, Doomsday) vs Eddie Cornet (0-0, 8 Elements Striking Academy)

HW – Curtis Ward (0-0, Tim Burrill) vs Phil Kelly (0-0, Team Trifecta)

155lbs – Frank Falso (0-4, Rukus) vs Ricky Proctor (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

120lbs – Shane Decristoforo (2-3, Team United) vs Remo Cardarelli (1-0, USMMA)

200lbs – Nick Muto (2-0, CCFA) vs Joey DiSalvo (0-0, Team Trifecta)


145lb Amateur Title Fight

Matt Tullos (3-0, Connors MMA) vs β€˜Title Holder’ Cory Pickering (4-1, SSSF)

Pro Middleweight Fight

Erik Sommer (1-1, CTMMA) vs Roger Brackett (5-3, Lakeville MMA)

Pro 135lb Bantamweight Fight

Walter Cotito (0-1, Triumph MMA) vs Robby Slade (2-0, Lauzon MMA)

Pro 180lb Catch weight Fight

John Downey (Team Extreme) vs Bill Mahoney (SSSF)

Pro Heavyweight Fight

John Johnston (2-0, Sityodtong) vs Garrett Moldoff (Pro Debut, Death Roll Fight Team)

Pro 170lb Welterweight Fight

Chip Pollard (6-4, CCFA) vs Ricardo Georges (0-2, Team Pradal Serey)

Pro 155lb Lightweight Title Fight

Jimmy Davidson (4-0, Sityodtong) vs Anniss El Hajjajy (6-3, Team Pradal Serey)

Always great to See Rich O's Photography at events.

From looks alone, all the fighters appeared to be in good shape and top form. I can't wait to go see these upcoming fights. So if you love MMA, and want to see some action first hand go and check out Cage Titans website for more information on how to obtain tickets. Tickets are being sold at the participatingMMA gyms as well. They are always looking for people to go show their support at these events.

Many thanks go out to Cage Titans and Team Sityodtong for letting me seeing what was going on at their event and gym.

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