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The Bastards get all patriotic on your ass on a brand-new episode. (WARNING: This episode will contain spoilers.)

Have yourself a good Valentine's Day? Who cares?! It's a brand-new episode that will cure all your heartache!

When PC gaming reviewer (and Blueonic's cousin) Teg is in the house, no one is safe...

The B3 crew was able to chill out and watch some awesome MMA action brought to you by Cage Titans. We want to say thanks to Michael Polvere and the rest of the crew from Cage Titans for another great event held down in Plymouth Memorial Hall. They sold out the venue, and rocked out the house with some live music and -- of course -- some pretty sweet fights.

While the press event for Cage Titans: Invasion was happening, Blueonic and Anvil decided to do some practice drills in the (former) Tapout Training Center's cage. But what happens when Cage Titans owner Michael Polvere wants in on the action?

The three Bastards and Bastette-In-Training rev one up filled with tangents and topics galore!

It's that time of year again: our two-part Best-Of 2011 show! WITH SPECIAL GUESTS!