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The Bastards welcome a couple guests, who in return bring them into their world.

The Bastards this week spend zero time paying tribute to their mothers, and instead pull back in a comrade that hasn't been around much.

After taking a week off the Bastards are back to get into the swing of their pants!

Oh paintball, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I recently got some news on a new paintball marker/gun that's coming out from the evil geniuses of  Modern Combat Manufactured. From the umbrella of RAP4 comes the MCM K1 BullPup Marker.

The Bastards say "Good riddance to bad Ramirez!" in an all-new episode.

Mr. Cuse returns from Costa Rica, and realizes why he should've stayed put in paradise!

Be on the lookout for any horrible musicians who slur their lyrics! They might get undeserved critical praise.

After a week off the Bastards return to the roundtable! It most pleases the Busey.