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MCM K1 Is The Wave Of The Paintball Future!

MCM K1 Is The Wave Of The Paintball Future!

Oh paintball, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I recently got some news on a new paintball marker/gun that's coming out from the evil geniuses of  Modern Combat Manufactured. From the umbrella of RAP4 comes the MCM K1 BullPup Marker.

Meet the MCM K1: the first BullPup marker

You're probably thinking, "What's so great about this paintball gun?" I've seen Bullpup markers before, yes, but the only issue is that they usually had to do some serious customizations to the gun to make it into this system. This paintball gun, however, is ready and rearing to go as a Bullpup system right out of the box. Now you're probably wondering what a Bullpup system is. It is the moving parts and clip/magazine behind the trigger, giving it the capability of a longer barrel within the gun, with it still keeping the gun small and accurate both in practice and theory.

As you can see from the video I found the MCM K1 paintball marker looks pretty sexy. If I had the chance to get my hands on it I would love to add my scopes, flash lights, and any other fun attachments I can to perfect it. I could take on anyone on the paintball field with a marker like this, thanks to its 43 paintball round-capacity and .68 caliber). There is also talks of a 144 round-capacity mag that will give you more rounds for your shot. The magazine will putt the paintballs into the open chamber system, so it's always ready to fire without the chopping of paint nor dry firing.

The BullPup P-90, the paintball gun replicated for the MCM K1 paintball marker

The next sweet part of the MCM K1 paintball marker is that it will have the air tank able to fit inside the paintball gun. It will be 8 cubic inches, which isn't much but will be able to fire 150 shots with the 144 mag. Don't think of that as discouraging aspect to the marker, but if you have the remote air tank system for your pack you'll be able to rock the 144 round mags all day long. Another sexy thing about this gun is not only does it have the capabilities of using a Tippmann threaded barrel to inter change with the gun, it also has the rotating switch with the three-fire mode system on the paintball gun: semi-auto, burst (most likely three-shot) and full automatic. They haven't specified an electronics board system on the paintball gun as of yet, but in the details from the picture below it looks like it will need batteries (but it can also recharge).

This very sexy,  sleek, and did I forget to mention ambidextrous (shoots for righties and lefties) paintball gun from Modern Combat Manufactured should be on the shelves this Summer. I hope this paintball gun really makes the difference when it comes to playing on the field. If the MCM K1 BullPup Marker goes as well as I think it will, I suggest they start making a version for the Kriss Super V gun (see below).

Rap4 Official Site (Not just for MCM K1, but for other sexy scenario paintball guns)

Modern Combat Manufactured (This website should be up and running before the paintball gun comes out, so keep checking)

A paintball gun that came to mind that looks like something from out of Halo is the E-volt Paintball marker (below). This was supposed to come out back in 2005, but somehow didn't make the cut. Sad to say, I thought it was a smart idea to have a battery system that you could've built into the stock with it's own compressor built in. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and the E-volt never had a chance to touch the shelves for sale.

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