April 2011

Brina Palencia is considered to be one of the more talented dub voice actresses in North America. Her work in such English adaptations as Sgt. Frog, School Rumble, Black Butler and Spice & Wolf to name has been considered by fans and critics alike as some of the best anime voice work in recent memory. This past Friday myself and a few other members of the press at Anime Boston had the chance to take part in a private Q&A panel with Palencia, where she revealed much about her work behind the mic and within the control booth.

Due to the on-site reporting at Anime Boston 2011 there was no episode of our weekly Podcast recorded. However please look out for a special Podcast episode collaborated with the folks at Jrock Revolution and the visual kei band girugamesh

Team SITCAS was on stage. Tons of dancing filled the Auditorium. It was time for some Cosplay Chess!

I arrived at the Hynes at about 8:30 a.m. for the start of Day Two of Anime Boston 2011. Unfortunately due to an error I only blame myself for I came in thinking that the next event on my planner, the Anime Music Video contest, was at nine, only to find that it was actually at ten. I killed some time wandering around and checking out the cosplayers. I've started to notice that I've seen a lot of these costumes from last year. Maybe the economy's to blame, or perhaps they worked so hard on the costumes that wearing it only once wasn't enough to merit their craftsmanship. After a few minutes of walking around aimlessly I sat myself down in line to check out the AMV show.

With a mere five-minute wait in the pre-registration line I was given access to Anime Boston 2011. As soon as I walked in the insanity didn't just walk into me, it punched me square in the jaw. Cosplayers, steampunk, random dancing and the nonstop Marco Polo filled the air, hallways and panel rooms as the annual crazy otaku weekend began at the Hynes Convention Center. And the day hadn't even started.

At this year's PAX East I was able to get my hands on a demo for Swarm, the new title from Hothead Games (who brought us the hilarious DeathSpank series). From what I played in that five-minute demo I got lots of silly gore, cute little creatures and a good amount of RTS-styled gameplay. Playing the full version of Swarm I found the exact same thing over and over again. In this case that's not a bad thing.

Oh paintball, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I recently got some news on a new paintball marker/gun that's coming out from the evil geniuses of  Modern Combat Manufactured. From the umbrella of RAP4 comes the MCM K1 BullPup Marker.

It would seem unthinkable to take away the one thing that makes Kirby, well, Kirby. His ability to suck up his enemies and use their powers has been a staple in the pink one's Dream Land franchise, so it came as a massive surprise to me when I saw that our round protagonist would be stripped of his wondrous powers. Fear not, though, as Nintendo and HAL had a trick-n-twist up their sleeves: the ability to weave powers with the usage of yarn and fabric. It would've seemed like a weird joke, making a platformer based off of the power of knitting and sewing, yet here it is in full force in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

The Bastards say "Good riddance to bad Ramirez!" in an all-new episode.