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April 2011

Codemasters is once again bringing on the Dirt. These guys are always on top when it comes to racing games, especially with the fact that they have brought us nothing but the most sexiest of graphics, along with the most badass racing styles to the table. After what I've seen so far in the third installment I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Let me get one minor complaint out of the way: American Water is not quite an eye-catching band name, rather it sounds like something you'd by for three dollars a bottle at the Smithsonian Museum. However this Boston-based trio has managed to take an uninspired name, and create itself a sound that rings of true originality, even while wearing its influences on their sleeves. Their debut album This Is Where It Ends showcases how a band should properly make their entrance.

The next installment of Death Race went straight-to-DVD. What can you do? With a film that could be expanded in so many ways in a sequel, they had to do the second one as a prequel, focusing on a character you watched in the first Death Race movie.

Mr. Cuse returns from Costa Rica, and realizes why he should've stayed put in paradise!

On tonight's special Podcast episode King Baby Duck recruits the very talented Canadian band Hunter Valentine.