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The Bastards are visited by a slightly intoxicated Panda in this extended episode!

The Bastards are in no need of being saved. They've got enough protection as is!

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Im Boston Saukerl Mannschaft, au Brigade Bâtard Boston, to Boston Bastard Brigade!

The Bastards break the world record for "Most A.D.D. Moments In A Podcast Episode."

Oh, how the Itis fails to keep a Bastard from speaking one's mind.

Don't worry: you're safe from any evil ex-boyfriends when the Bastards are around.

The Bastards make sure those other guys don't have the cojones to take over their show!

While the Duck is high in the clouds, Blueonic and Anvil take over recording duties to create a lively show.