January 2012

It's hard not to be hypnotized by a game like Trine 2. A title filled with much beauty and wonderment, this sequel to the moderately successful 2009 game from Atlus and Frozenbyte knows how to dazzle any gamer by its sheer looks alone. Once you get past the gorgeousness of Trine 2 you'll find yourself head-on with one of the most clever puzzle games released in years.

While the press event for Cage Titans: Invasion was happening, Blueonic and Anvil decided to do some practice drills in the (former) Tapout Training Center's cage. But what happens when Cage Titans owner Michael Polvere wants in on the action?

Yasmina Reza has made it a career of writing plays that focus on friends and/or couples at a breaking point of their lives, whether it is caused by a white-on-white painting (Art) or a dinner gone downhill (Life X 3). In God of Carnage, currently being performed at Boston's BU Theater by the Huntington Theatre Company, Reza takes two couples who meet for the first time and pushes them to the brink of destruction. You can just cut the hilarious tension with a steak knife.

If one was to compare the Uncharted series to anything, it would certainly be the Indiana Jones of video games. From its jaw-dropping gameplay and visuals to the various twists and turns players discover in the series, the adventures of Nathan Drake always manages to leave people wide-eyed and clamoring for more. At the end of last year his latest journey Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was brought to PS3 owners across the world, continuing on with its trend of extreme treasure hunting that would make any Discovery Channel host envious.

The three Bastards and Bastette-In-Training rev one up filled with tangents and topics galore!

Just when you thought Dead Island couldn't get any bigger, its publisher has announced a new storyline for your zombie goodness.

If there's one thing anime tends to never run out of, it's cat girls. From Moonphase and Soul Eater to Outlaw Star and even the old Sonic The Hedgehog movie there is always at least one cat girl character to bring about the fan service. In 2010 an anime series premiered by the name of Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky, which will be released by FUNimation this year under the title Cat Planet Cuties. Does it bring anything new to the "nekomimi" world, or is it just another shameful attempt to cash in on another harem boobfest?