February 2012

The Bastards get all patriotic on your ass on a brand-new episode. (WARNING: This episode will contain spoilers.)

In 2010 the developers over at Klei Entertainment unleashed Shank to the world, a side-scrolling stab-em-up bloodfest that was great on the eyes, but a tad lacking in the game length department. (You can read our review of it right here.) Last September it was announced that a sequel was in the works, with EA's Andy Katkin promising that "it's an entirely new game." Alas, that statement couldn't be further from the truth.

Why couldn't I have played Driver: San Francisco sooner?! This stuff is what I'm talking about!!! (WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOI--OH WHO CARES?!)

It seems that "Operation Rainfall" has been more successful than people had thought, as the second of three Wii titles people were campaigning for to be released in America has just been announced!

Have yourself a good Valentine's Day? Who cares?! It's a brand-new episode that will cure all your heartache!

The very last game I played at PAX East 2011 was a little title called Warp, made by independent developer Trapdoor Inc. In it you controlled a little alien who must escape from the clutches of scientists wishing to study you for research regarding the world beyond our own. Only lasting five minutes at the time the visuals and gameplay mechanics had me craving more. Eleven months later the final product has arrived on Xbox Live Arcade (with the PSN and PC versions coming out March 13), but does Warp continue to bring the fun shock value I once felt on the convention floor?

One month before the release of their upcoming album Neugravity, Japanese band Molice sat down with King Baby Duck for another episode of One-On-One.

When PC gaming reviewer (and Blueonic's cousin) Teg is in the house, no one is safe...

Wow, it seems like I almost always find a reason to hold off my reviews of good games. I also have taken way too much time off from doing a review that I feel guilty now. Just a quick explanation is I am looking at getting a house and possibly doing video reviews of games as typing takes some effort for me to do. So why not start off with a good review of a game I have been waiting to do for a while (and possibly a future "Let’s Play" series if everything comes together).