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February 2012

If there's one thing you can always count on id Software to do, it's make a first-person shooter that will leave your heart racing. With an impressive resume under their arm (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake) -- along with a company like Bethesda backing them -- it seems like a no-brainer that anything id Software does will hit one out of the park. At E3 this past year I was blown away by what I had seen of its latest baby Rage, which had me at the edge of my seat as I tackled its demo. However a semi-bitter aftertaste was left in my mouth after playing the full version of this beast.

With the newest of the beloved Just Dance series finally making it out from Wii-exclusivity, I was able to give it a try with my Kinect for the 360, just as the sequel to the Kinect dance hit Dance Central hit stores. With both dance games sitting on my shelf beckoning, I was hard pressed to decide which of the pair would reign as my number one dance game of choice.

Any anime that allows itself to be dubbed Bodacious Space Pirates in English would easily be scrutinized; after all, no one has used the word "bodacious" since Bill & Ted went on their last rockin' adventure in the 90s. The title will be forgiven, though, as this new anime series based on Yuuichi Sasamoto's light novel series has plenty to like.

The B3 crew was able to chill out and watch some awesome MMA action brought to you by Cage Titans. We want to say thanks to Michael Polvere and the rest of the crew from Cage Titans for another great event held down in Plymouth Memorial Hall. They sold out the venue, and rocked out the house with some live music and -- of course -- some pretty sweet fights.