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Cage Titans: Invasion Results

Cage Titans: Invasion Results

The B3 crew was able to chill out and watch some awesome MMA action brought to you by Cage Titans. We want to say thanks to Michael Polvere and the rest of the crew from Cage Titans for another great event held down in Plymouth Memorial Hall. They sold out the venue, and rocked out the house with some live music and -- of course -- some pretty sweet fights.

We bumped into Northeast MMA with Old School, which is always good to see them. We also got to see Nick Newell, and congratulate him on getting our Fighter of the Year award!

Preliminary Fights:

Brian Squadrille Vs. George Nassar: Squadrille defeats Nassar at 1:03 of the third round after a stoppage from the referee.

Tony Direnzo Vs. Nick Muto: Muto defeats Direnzo due to judges' unanimous decision. The crowd went nuts after this fight.

David Espino Vs. Matt Cardarelli: Cardarelli defeats Espino due to judges' unanimous decision. Most of the match was fought on the ground. It was certainly a power struggle on the ground.

Brian Sparrow Vs. Philip Martins: Sparrow defeats Martins via tap out submission two minutes into the first round. Sparrow's height played to his advantage in this match.

Mike Rodriguez Vs. Stephan Kimball: Rodriguez defeats Kimball with a knockout fifteen seconds into the match. Rodriguez would win Knockout of the Night for his match.

Dan Lopez Vs. Jamie Courtney: Fight did not happen, sad to say.

Jessie Pires Vs Remo Cardarelli: Cardarelli defeats Pires due to judges' unanimous decision. This was a great stand up fight, ending up on the ground for some close call submission attempts. Remo's family celebrated loudly to see the father and son win both of their fights on the card.

Jeff Hsu Vs. Ethan Wagner: Hsu defeats Wagner due to judges' unanimous decision. The match seemed to be a two-second stand up fight then ended up on the ground. Not too much happened, as it seemed to be just a struggle to get the top position.

Brandon Flemming Vs. Shannon Soares: Flemming defeats Soares due to judges' unanimous decision. Flemming dominated the whole match.

Main Card:

Bobby Flynn Vs. Peter Barrett (155 lbs Amateur Title): Flynn defeats Barrett for the title with a arm bar submission within 22 seconds of the first round. The crowd was stunned by the match's results.

Kurt Chase-Patrick Vs. Rico Disciullo (135 lbs Amateur Title): Chase-Patrick defeats Disciullo for the title via ankle lock submission at 1:47 into the second round. Matt Doherty from Team Pradal Serey challenges Chase-Patrick for the title right after.

Lucas Cruz Vs. Jared Roy: Cruz defeats Roy via rear naked choke submission 30 seconds into the second round. His family was celebrating a bit too loud to really enjoy this match.

Johnny Kim Vs. Dat Tran: Tran defeats Kim via referee stopping the match at 2:30 due to multiple knee hits to body and head. Tran walked away from the fight with bloody knees.

"Sloppy" Joe Lamourex Vs. Shawn Baker: "Sloppy" Joe defeats Baker via submission 1:27 in the first round.

Barrington Douse Vs. Jimmy Davidson: Davidson defeats Douse via tapout submission at the 4:53 mark in the first round.

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