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Reality Fighting at Mohegan Sun: June 2, 2012

Reality Fighting at Mohegan Sun: June 2, 2012

Anvil and Blueonic went down to see some awesome fights Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The fight card was absolutely great, with well-rounded fights all around.

Erik Sommer Vs. Ricardo Georges: Middleweight Fight

Round 1: Ricardo came out kicking, which then turned the fight to the ground for the first part of the match. Ricardo was able to stand up, giving Sommer a few shots and a hip toss that lead back to a ground battle for the rest of the round.

Round 2: Both fighters came out swinging at the start. Ricardo gave a couple of kicks to the legs of Sommer, and then went into the clinch where Georges brought him down to the ground. Ricardo was on top  working on ground and pound, connecting four devastating shots to the head of Sommer. Ricardo also worked with a few hammer fists and some more ground and pound. Sommer was able to get on top and work some punches on to Ricardo. Sommer then caught Georges with a rear naked choke, submitting him 4:47 into the round.

Winner via submission: Erik Sommer

Rob Font Vs. Thane Stimson: Featherweight Fight

Round 1: Stimson comes out with some hit-and-miss punches, and was able to keep the fight standing up. Font gave a powerful kick to the forward leg of Stimson, followed by two more within the first two minutes of the round.  Both kicks had loud snaps, but Stimson brushed it off. After Stimson took another leg shot he worked on getting Font back against the cage with punches, but Font was able to fight back. Stimson brought down Font, and worked on some ground and pound. Font was able to get out of the half-guard to bring this back to a stand-up fight. Stimson had Font pressed against the cage, and was able to bring him down again. Font had Stimson in the arm bar but was lifted up and slammed down for some more ground and pound until the end of the round.

Round 2: Both fighters traded a few punches and kicks. Font landed a devastating left hook, and dropped Stimson to the mat. The referee came in and stopped the fight 0:43 into the second round.

Winner via knockout: Rob Font

Jesse Peterson Vs. Jason Ward: Middleweight Battle

Both fighters come out swinging. Ward gave Peterson a kick, which caused Peterson to fall over and cause a ground battle. Peterson then got into a side mount and started giving serious blows to Ward. Ward suddenly turned the fight around and brought Peterson to stand up and then clinched him on the side of the cage. Ward then put in devastating shots to end the match 4:18 into the first round.

Winner via knockout: Jason Ward

Aniss Allhajjajy Vs. Chris Simmons: Lightweight Fight

Round 1: Aniss was able to come in with a punch and a knee while clinching Simmons. Simmons went for a hip toss, and Aniss was able to get on the back of Simmons. Simmons dropped down on his side, with Aniss still holding onto his back side as he attempted a rear naked choke. Aniss was able to give a few hammer fist, but then Simmons rolled out of rear naked choke attempt before going back to a stand-up fight. Somehow Simmons was able to get the fight back to the ground, which is where the round ended.

Round 2: Second round starts with a few punches from both sides. Simmons then shot in and brought it to the ground. Aniss attempted to get in a leg lock, but didn't get it all the way in. Aniss was able to obtain back control and tried wear Simmons down with a few strikes to the body and the head. Simmons attempted to leg lock Aniss, but was able to kick out of it and stand up. Simmons went and shot in at Aniss, but Aniss once again gained back control and land multiple strikes to wear down Simmons until the round's end.

Round 3: Aniss from the stand up went in for the takedown, taking a few shots to the head but was able to take Simmons down. Aniss then got on top in the side guard, and worked the side to mid-section with a combination of hammer fists and elbows. Aniss dominated the round, and was able to poster up and give a few more shots to the body of Simmons. The round ended and went to a decision.

Winner via unanimous decision: Aniss Allhajjajy (30-27)

Brendan Rooney Vs. Leroy Derricot: Lightweight Fight

Derricot came out and dominated a rattled Rooney by giving him a few grounds and pound hits. Rooney then suddenly did a rollover with an arm bar submission for the win 0:47 into the first round.

Winner via submission: Brendan Rooney.

Kaline Medeiros Vs. Peggy Morgan: Women’s Lightweight Fight

Round 1: Medeiros came out with a kick and Morgan came out with a combination of punches. A few attempts of leg kicks from Medeiros, but lacked any connections. Morgan went in with a couple of punches, where Medeiros shot in and had Morgan pressed against the cage. Morgan then got out of it and went back to the middle of the ring. Morgan was able to get the fight to ground and where Morgan was giving some punches and hammer fists until the round's end.

Round 2: The round started off with a kick from Medeiros. Morgan’s leg is starting to bruise on the outer left thigh. Taunt comes from Medeiros to Morgan, whom Morgan came in and missed with a few punches, but went into the clinch to bring her to the cage and floor. Morgan was on top and started to ground and pound her with multiple punches and hammer fists. Morgan kept complete control of the match. The referee suddenly stopped and took one point from Morgan for what seemed like an improper choke or punch to the throat. The fighters went back to their feet, and Medeiros was able to come in with a hook to Morgan. It looked like the punishing kicks were wearing down the left leg of Morgan, where she was limping a bit as the round ended.

Round 3: The start of this round had both fighters getting in shots on one another, even with the height advantage of Morgan. Medeiros went for a spinning back fist, but did not connect. Medeiros was able to land a kick on the leg of Morgan again, along with a punch to the head. Morgan ended up in a clinch where Medeiros was push up against the cage and brought down. Morgan was able to posture up in the half guard position, and then was able to put a couple more shots. The third round came to an end, with the judge's making their decision. Another great fight for women's MMA. There needs to be more of these kinds of fights since women can kick some serious ass!

Winner via decision: Peggy Morgan

Jim Collins Vs. Jeremy Ross: Lightweight Fight

Both fighters come out in the first round feeling one another out. Ross came in with a clinch and a strong knee to Collins. The fight went to the ground, until Ross was able to submit Collins 1:19 into the first round.

Winner via submission: Jeremy Ross.

Andres Jeudy Vs. Matt Bessette: Lightweight Fight

Round 1: Bessette comes out with a leg kicks and then a cross to Jeudy. Both fighters then traded punches and kicks. Matt shot in for a takedown, which amounted to a couple of punches traded. Jeudy came out with a kick to the head on Bessette, dropping him for a brief moment. Bessette went into the clinch, which pushed Jeudy against the cage. Jeudy came back with a couple of punches to bring the fight back to the middle of the ring. Bessette came in with a combination of punches, which Jeudy was able to fight off. Bessette once again shot in for the legs of Jeudy, but failed and ended up in a standing clinch against the cage. The referee stopped the fight due to a knee to the groin. The round started back up after a few minutes. They both came out fighting again and ended up in a clinch where Bessette gave a hard knee to the mid section and inner right thigh near the end of the round.

Round 2: Bessette comes out with a kick, while Bessette landed a punch. Jeudy then kicked the mid-section of Bessette and caused him to get into a clinch against the cage. Jeudy took over the fight with multiple combinations of punches, which slowed down to bring Bessette clinching Jeudy against the cage. It was then brought down by a leg sweep from Bessette to Jeudy.  Jeudy was able to reverse and get in the half-guard, throwing more punches until the end of the second round.

Round 3: Both fighters come out and touch gloves. Bessette comes out with a high kick but misses. Jeudy grabbed in a clinch and was able to knee Bessette in the head. The fighters are trading combinations of punches and kicks, which ends up with Bessette clinching Jeudy into the cage. Bessette was able to pull the feet out from under Jeudy and caused Bessette to get the back side of Jeudy. The fight ends up with them standing up with Bessette still on Jeudy’s back. Bessette failed to get the back control, and it ends up on the ground with Jeudy in half guard trying to work on ground and pound. Bessette then locked into Jeudy’s arm, stopping him from moving. The fight stopped due to injury sustained to Jeudy 4:43 into the third round.

Winner via disqualification: Andres Jeudy

Both fighters want a rematch set for the near-future.

Brett Oteri Vs. Nate Lamotte: Welterweight Fight

Round 1: Oteri came out with a kick to the side of Lamotte. After a kick thrown by Lamotte, Oteri was able to toss a couple punches to his head. After a couple punches and a knee from Oteri he ended up in a takedown by Lamonte. The fighters ended up in a clinch once again, where Oteri was able to give a knee to the head of Lamotte. A kick came from Oteri to Lamotte, and was answered back by a big punch from LaMotte. It seemed Oteri was a bit rocked, but was able to compose himself, even with a cut from the side of his face near the right eye.

Round 2: Both fighters show respect by touching gloves. Oteri comes in with a kick to the leg, and answered back by a punch to the head from Lamottee. Lamotte on the charge started to throw some serious punches, only landing a few. Lamotte was able to come back with a kick. Oteri tried to land a punch. but it was Lamontte that was able to answer with a couple punches. That ended up with a clinch and a knee from Oteri to Lamotte. Oteri ended the round with a front kick before the bell rang.

Round 3: Both fighters came out by giving one another a high five. They both started by trading punches and kicks, where a punch landed on Lamontte and it rocked him a bit. Lamontte came back with a punch to the head of Oteri. A few punches traded between fighters ended up with Lamontte on the ground, and Oteri was able to get in a rear naked choke and end the match 2:59 into the third round. There may have been an injury to Lamonttee Jaw.

Winner via submission: Brett Oteri

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